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Optional Mission 2
Conning Tower

1 Artifact
3 Logs
3 Weapons Parts
4 Upgrade Circuits

Right when you leave the Tram you just took from the End of Chapter 5 or back from the Beginning of Chapter 6 at the middle station look to the right. There is a small MedPack and an Ammoclip just on the ground in the corner.

As you can't enter the elevator door on the right side at the entrance of the middle station of the CMS Terra Nova without the Conning Tower Key you have to hack into the door on the left by playing the hacking minigame, you should know what to do by now. Inside the first room behind the locked door you can find 1 Box, 1 Locker, 1 Audio Log (counting towards the totals of mission 6), 1 Conic Dispersal Weapon Part (1/3), a Bench to upgrade your weapons and of course the Conning Tower Key so that we can finally enter the elevator to the conning tower at the middle station of the CMS Terra Nova. On a new game + you will find an additional MK-II Conic Dispersal Weapon Part here. Use the Bench if you need to and then get outside, open the elevator door with the key and ride it up while a message from Lieutenant Tucker Edwards plays. Is there someone still alive? Let's find out!

Mission Objective: Locate Edwards

When you leave the elevator watch out for the 2 Slashers sleeping on the ceiling, wake them up by shooting them down, and of course kill them. As soon as you start killing them another Slasher comes running around the corner so Stasis is your friend here.
Up the little stairs and to the right is a door you cannot open but also a little cabinet. So follow the path around the corner and enter the next 2 storey room. There are 2 Cabinets on the walls, one on every storey plus 2 boxes. Notice the explosive and stasis canisters? Kineses them up to the door, then try to open the door.
The door malfunctions, the vents blow and 3 Slashers and 1 Puker attack you. Then your team calls in while 2 Lurkers and 1 Slasher keep attacking you, followed by another Lurker and 2 more Pukers. Use the Explosive Canisters to fight them off and save ammo. Then play the short circuit minigame next to the door to finally open it.
In the room behind the door you are greeted by 3 Slashers hanging from the ceiling, but you can also find 2 Boxes and 1 Cabinet. The 3 Slashers at once are hard, but stasis comes in helpful here once again.
After entering the next room and seeing the electrical barrier you will talk over radio to find out you just have to shoot the orange box (hi Valve) to get rid of the electro barrier. Strange thing is, you cannot take an explosive canister with you through this door as they seem to be tied to game areas. But you can open 3 lockers and then continue to find 3 more Slashers in the next room and another barrier with the orange box hidden on the right a bit behind a wall. Walk up the stairs to find another barrier with the orange control unit a bit in the distance. Then continue towards the next door and don't miss the 2 Lockers. But they are really hard to miss.
Behind the door you can find a box, 1 Ammo Clip and an Upgrade Circuit (1/4). In the corner there is a cargo elevator. Ride it down and you will encounter 3 Slashers jumping out from the vents on the left side, so you want to walk into the hallway here slowly and maybe even get back and drive back up the elevator and shoot the Slashers from above. There is another box on the ground, get its content, then walk through the door around the corner to be surprised by another Slasher jumping at you but also 2 more boxes.
Behind the next door you'll get very surprised by another Slasher, but this time the Slasher gets smashed into the ceiling by anti gravity panels. Thank you Edwards. So the door behind the Gravity Panel already has Conning Tower standing on it but we can't enter yet, as the Gravity Panels will just smash us. But on a new game + you will find another Upgrade Circuit on these panels.

Mission Objective: Disable Edwards' traps

So we want to shut down the power for these anti gravity panel traps. Climb down the ladder and use the Bench. If you don't have a Torque Bar you want to create one at the bench now.
Then enter the next door and note that here is a good Scavenging Point for your little Scavenger Bot. Let it go, then climb up the ladder to find another electro barrier, but you should rather worry about the 2 Slashers and the Puker that attack you now. After they are history open the locker right at the ladder, then kill the barrier and continue. There is a torque room and actually I recommend using a Torque Bar to open it and grab the goodies, but you don't have to. If you don't have a Torque Bar but want the goodies, just climb down the ladder you came from, you can create Torque Bars at the Bench.

This Torque Room contains:
  • Upgrade Circuit (2/4)
  • Rotator Cuff Module Weapon Part (2/3)
  • 2 Lockers
  • 1 ammo clip
  • 10x Transoucer
  • 15x Tungsten

Climb down the ladder and look for the orange box for the electro barrier. It is in the vent and of course as soon as you aim at it a Slasher pops out and attacks you. Kill it, disable the barrier, open the cabinet on the wall and enter the next room. There is another cabinet on the wall and a door leading into the huge room with lots of computers and explosives on the vents. Guess what, yes, you will be attacked by masses of Necromorphs soon.
This room has 1 S.C.A.F Artifact (1/1) in the opposite corner from the lockers, 2x Boxes, 2x Cabinets, 2x Lockers and as soon as you call the elevator you might be surprised a bit, but an ambush happens.
Use the throwable containers wiseley against 6 Slashers ,2 Pukers, 2 Leapers and 1 Exploder. But it is doable with the goodies and containers from this room.
After they are all gone get to the lower level to the rotating discs and turn the upper left disc 2 times, the upper middle disc 1 time and the bottom middle disc 2 times.

It should look like this, then you can call the elevator once more, but this time it works. Ride it up and enter the control room for Edward's traps. Slow down the rotating fan with stasis and take out the 3 kinesis blocks with kinesis. There is a Box and a Text Log (1/3) on the shelf down the smalls stairs and on a new game + there is also an additional Upgrade Circuit.

Mission Objective: Return to the Conning Tower Elevator

Take the elevator back down and backtrack to the elevator to the Conning Tower. Once you are at the first ladder be prepared, 2 Slashers and a Lurker appear once you climbed up and approach the second ladder down. They like to surround you, so take care and stay in motion. Stasis also helps. Once you climb down the ladder 2 more Slashers jump at you from the space coffins, so you better approach this door backwards to have them in view.
Check the Bench for your Scavenger Bot and release it again around the corner from the Bench. Also stack up on Ammo and MedPacks as it is getting rough soon, even more than before in this optional Mission.

Now you can climb up the ladder and get past the gravity panels and take the elevator up to the conning tower. On a new game + you will find another Upgrade Circuit on the gravity panels as noted before, so you might have collected it already, if not, you won't miss it.

At first take a trip to the second floor to get a Textlog (2/3), 1 Ammo Clip, 3 Boxes and of course the most important thing in here, the Edwards Access Key. We'll need it on the third floor. And this is where we are going now.

Take the elevator to the third floor now. Right next to the door is a cabinet and close to the nice view through the front window is a box. In the middle of the room is... Lieutenant Tucker Edwards. But he is dead. Strange but true. And he has his own Audiolog (3/3) next to him. On a crate you can find the MK-II Medic Support Weapon Part on a new game +.
So let's search for Edward's treasure. Take the cargo lift up and enter the door up here. We can enter here as we have the key already from the second floor.
In the crate are the following nice things:
  • Medic Support Weapon Part (3/3)
  • 2 Upgrade Circuits (3+4/4)
  • 3 Spare Parts Boxes.
The spare part boxes are filled with all kind of useful goodies, so this was worth it.

But we are not done yet as there are more Necromorphs attacking you now. Get ready for a final ambush.
3 Pukers, 2 Leapers and 1 Lurker try to take you down but you are too strong and prepared and take them down instead. Use the throwable canisters in here to your advantage.

On the way back to the tram you can deposit all your new stuff in the Bench to free up space in your in inventory, then continue onwards. Shortly before the cargo lift up another Puker climbs out of the vent. At the end of the long slope down 1 Exploder and 1 Slasher get it on with you and in the computer room 2 Slashers and 2 Pukers attack you. In the first ambush room your entered on this mission 1 Exploder and some Leapers attack you but you can just outrun them and get away or of course you can fight them for more goodies they drop.
Then you can finally enter the tram and get to the Aft Deck to start chapter 6.

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