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Chapter 19

Mission Objectives
Reach the machine
1 Artifact

Mission Objective: Reach the machine

And here we go. Everything around us is crumbling and falling apart, just like Isaacs love life, so you better hurry up and run.

The path is very linear and the boxes are only secondary. Focus on surviving and getting away from the selfdestructing path behind you. When you see the first box you will be attacked by 4 enhanced Leapers, kill them and then eventually get the box.
There are 4 boxes after all until your way gets blocked by 2 tentacles. The last 2 boxes are in front of the 2 tentacles. When you see them walk back a bit on another path to find the last Alien Artifact (1/1). When you followed this guide and got all other Alien Artifacts within the game you unlock the Alien Circuit Set at the Bench and also gain the Aliens Trophy now.
Then kill the Tentacles and be aware that an Alien Necromorph is coming in, so kill this beast as fast as possible. The same goes for the tentacles as we have to proceed now before we are on crumbling pieces of ground and die. Kill the Alien Necromorph, don't just put it in stasis, or it will keep following you. Now run along to the path until you reach the teleportation device. Fly along the debris field, avoid the huge rocks and shoot or avoid the necromorphs along your way until you land on a snowy part of ground.
Grab the 4 boxes and then quickly run up the hill to find 2 Twitchers. Put them into stasis, run past them, turn around and kill them while slowly walking up the hill backwards. Continue up the hill and another tentacle will block your way. Your main objective is the tentacle, even though there are enhanced Slashers coming in climbing over the fence, but stasis keeps them slow. Also there are 3 boxes and some other goodies floating around in midair just to distract you.
Once the tentacle is gone you can continue, so run along the path through the tube. After the turn to the right and 3 more Boxes a Puker appears, you can kill it or just stasis it and continue running up the hill. But killing it or cutting off its legs so it can't follow you is your best option. There are Slashers and Twitchers appearing on your path, fight through, and once you enter the door you are save from the end of the world and the Necromorphs outside.

In here you will find 3 boxes on the ground, 2 medium MedPacks and an Ammo Clip. Also use the Bench to forge large MedPacks and lots of Ammo and maybe stasis packs as the final bossfight is just around the corner. So when you are done and ready enter the next door.


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