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Chapter 5
Expect Delays

2 Artifacts
6 Logs
3 Weapon parts
2 Upgrade Circuits


After you are back or you weren't even at the optional Mission inside the C.M.S. Greely yet fly to the Terra Nova. Enter the main ship through the door with kinesis and pick up the Heavy Standard Frame Weapon Part (1/3).

Mission Objective: Locate the tram station

Enter the door and use the rig upgrade or not, then continue to the elevator and take it to the second floor.

Leave the elevator, pick up the med pack in front of the corpse and enter the bridge. In here you can find 1 Box, a S.C.A.F. Artifact (1/2) in the pilot seat, an Audiolog (1/6), an Upgrade Circuit (1/2) in the cabinet and a Textlog (2/6) on the stairs close to the special cabinet.
Before you can continue you have to play the shortcircuit minigame. Just rotate the marking on the screen with the mouse or the joypad and press the shoot button when it flashes blue. Not when it is red. And then repeat this two more time for a total of three shortcircuits. All this has to be done before the timer runs out. Of course you can repeat this as often as needed.
We find out that the shuttle ship is wrecked but it is still there, it is in the Aft Section of the Terra Nova. So we might want to get there. But first we have to find and of course power up the tram station. This time we also have to do some cleaning, so continue through the door, follow the hallway and enter the canteen. Here you can find 3 Boxes and a loud but unplayable pinball game with the ever so popular title Storm Blaster. On a new game + there is an extra upgrade circuit on the table here.
Climb down the ladder, open the locker and enter the door to the cargo bay. 3 Lurkers will attack you from the left so shoot them and their ugly tentacles. You can also use the red barrels here, pick them up with kinesis and throw them at your enemies. They are very explosive (the barrels, not the Lurkers) and will wipe them out effective.
After they are gone follow the path to the right, the opposite direction from the Lurker attack and stomp the box and be prepared for another Slasher from behind. After you killed it get the Hydraulic Engine Weapon Part (2/3).
As soon as you finally climb down the ladder where the Lurkers came from 3 Slashers will appear, so be prepared and reloaded and use stasis to make it easier for you.
At the end of this narrow path through all the freight containers are 2 Boxes, one to the left and one a bit above your head. Grab them with kinesis. There are 4 more Boxes in the bigger next part of the cargo bay, you can also grab them with kinesis, while you cannot grab the rightmost one if you haven't upgraded your kinesis module, but you can get it from the ground in a second. So climb down the ladder.

At the bottom of the ladder Isaac find a Scavenger Bot. This little fellow is very useful, just draw him like any weapon and watch where the radar points to. Then walk there and set him free by shooting him (sounds mean, but it's just like that). While we are in the cargo bay area of the Terra Nova you can find a good Scavenging Spot in the back of the place where you just found the scavenger bot. Once the radar flashes drop him off. I will from now on always mention Scavenging Spots like this.
And from here you can even kinesis 2 more boxes from high above towards your greedy hands. Open them, collect the goodies and then pick up another one of these red explosive containers and continue along the path up the ramp. Around the next coner you can throw it already at a Slasher. Well, this is more or less only half a Slasher as its upper part is missing and replaced with tentacles. But when we explode the Slasher this doesn't matter all that much. After blowing it up turn around really quick as another half Slasher appears behind you, so cut its tentacles and turn around again as a Lurker appears at the end of the ramp.
After that continue and climb up the ladder. And then we will meet a new enemy, the Exploder.

Enemy: Exploder
You will notice when an Exploder is around from miles away as you can hear its manic laughter while you not neccessarily see it. The exploder drags one swollen yellow blob on one arm around and when it is close enough to you it hits you with the swelling which explodes and hurts you pretty bad then. But when you shoot the yellow blob the Exploder explodes with its explosives and also hurts enemies next to it. You can also kill the exploder by shooting it and then pick up and throw the explosive yellow blow with kinesis which is very useful in most situations (that don't happen in narrow rooms).

So there is one Exploder coming from the front, kill it, explode it, whatever, then walk up the ramp to see another Exploder climb out of the vent while a Waster comes from the hallway on the left. Just explode the Exploder while the Waster is next to the explosive arm, then turn around as another Exploder comes at you from behind. If you can't time the first exploder with the Waster then stasis the Waster and deal with the Exploders first.
Stomp the corpses and the box and enter the next room. There finally is a Bench in here, but before you can use it we meet yet another kind of necromorph breed.

Enemy: Head Infector
These small spiderlike enemies either run towards you in a swarm and attack you from close range and you must shake them off and stomp them to death or they infect a corpse lieing around and take control over the dead body and attack you this way. If they manage to possess a corpse you are best off with a headshot as this is where the Head Infector is at that moment. You either killed it, or if it is very resistant it will infect another corpse until no more corpses are left and then come at you and attack you. So the very best thing to do is to kill the whole swarm of them before they reach either you or a corpse on the ground.

There is a Textlog (3/6) on the desk at the back end of the room and on a new game + there is an upgrade circuit in the cargo hole directly opposite of the Bench.
Use the Bench to deposit weapon parts, upgrade your weapons and build and store stuff.
Then enter the door and kill some 6-10 Head Infectors coming at you from the vent. After that enter the next door and you are finally in the tram station. But there are Necromorphs all around here. There are 2 pregnant Slashers. Don't shoot their stomach or more and more Head Infectors will swarm out of there, just cut off their limbs and we're fine. If some Head Infectors made it out you'll have bad luck as they will infect the corpses around here, turning them ito Wasters. So kill the Head Infectors quickly before they can do this. If you survived you might want to get back to the Bench and get some more med kits.
So open the 3 Lockers in the Tram Station and the special cabinet with the Upgrade Circuit (2/2).
As soon as you approach the call button for the tram 2 more Slashers will appear and also an Infector Head will possess whatever corpse is around here. Use stasis a lot and heal a lot and kill them all alot.

When you finally call the tram you will notice that something goes wrong so we have something new to do

Mission Objective: Unobstruct the tram

Leave through the now opened door next to the tram call button. Climb up the ladder, open the box and then we find yet another new enemy:

Enemy: Guardian
Guardians spit out Head Infectors if they feel like it and otherwise are fixed to the wall with their tentacles. And right there is where we have a chance. Just cut the tentacles and wait until it is dead. You will notice and hear when it is dead.
Never ever come too close to it as it has a very deadly close range attack and also spits out Head Infectors.

So deal with the 2 infected corpses turning into Wasters and then cap the Guardian's tentacles while also fighting off sporadic Head Infectors coming from the Guardian. When the Guardian dies, it leaves a Spare Parts Box for you, this is very useful, make sure not to miss it. Then enter the elevator that takes you to the tram operation room. Get the 4 Boxes, 1 Locker and the Compact Directed Ejection Field Weapon Part (3/3). Also you can find and Audiolog (4/6) and a Textlog (5/6) in here.
Use the Bench to upgrade your Plasma Cutter with the Directed Ejection Field and also put some upgrade circuits on it. Then try to untangle the jammed tram.

You will see 6 tetrislike puzzles with trash, and you must make them fit together in this minigame at the Cargo Bay. Just rotate them as I list below and you are fine and complete the Unobstruct the Tram Minigame very fast:

1. turn the left part 2x

2. turn the left part 1x

3. turn the left part 2x; turn the right part 2x

4. okay when coming, just send it on

5. turn the left part 3x

6. turn the left part 2x; turn the right part 1x

Mission Objective: Call the tram

As soon as you got this you'll hear a message about a biological anomaly in the cargo bay. Does this have something to do with the Necromorph that was trapped in the trash blocking the tram? Find out by trying to get out. But now we face yet another new enemy.

Enemy: Puker
Pukers are just like Wasters and Slashers very humanoid and fast on their 2 legs but once they are in a wide medium range they puke acid on you. Sounds nice, doesn't it? If the Acid hits you, your movement will slow down for a while, though it seems that the acid doesn't make you lose some health. But if they crawl near you they bite, and this hurts.

So there are 4 of these Puker guys coming in, 2 at the end of the stairs on the left, and once you got rid of them another one comes in through the vent on left, close to the stasis station, the last one enters on the other side at the bottom of the stairs.
And once you think you killed them all, another Puker appears inside the elevator. After killing the Puker you ride down the elevator, listen to the nice Audiolog (6/6) after the elevator and then enter the door.
An interesting video about using kinesis to throw sharp bodyparts at enemies shows up, then open the box. On a new game + you will find another Upgrade Circuit here. Then climb the ladder. On top of the ladder you can find another box and another S.C.A.F. Artifact (2/2). Take the door and kill the Puker on top of the ramp.
Through the door we enter another Cargo Bay that looks familiar. And here is actually really the Regenerator.

Enemy: Regenerator
Some people like to call the Regenerator the Hunter, but for this guide I'll keep calling this Necromorph Regenerator. The Regenerator is similar to the Slasher but you can easily stop it by cutting off the legs. But the bad thing about the Regenerators is, that they regrow everything you cut off from them. So you can not kill them. The best thing you can do is cut off their limbs and run to the next area. But when there are a lot of other enemies around and you are locked in you will need a lot of stasis to handle them.

But before we meet the Regenerator we grab 2 Boxes and then climb down the ladder to meet the mean guy. The Regenerator is even introduced with a cutscene. So it is true, the Regenerator regenerates severed limbs, but what did you expect from a Necromorph with that name. So cut of its limbs, stasis it and continue up the ramp. Two Slashers appear and you should quickly kill them. There is an ammo clip in front of the ladder, get it and climb up the ladder. Once you approach the Cargo Bay the Regenerator will pop out of the vents from the left. Be prepared, cut off the Regenerator's limbs, stasis it and continue through the door.

Here is a bench and you have some time. Stack up on medkits, and upgrade your weapons, make sure your stasis is full and refreshed before you continue, it will be getting tough now. When entering the next room the Regenerator jumps out of the vents, so severe his legs and use stasis. Then enter the Tram Station, kill the Slasher with tentacles and call the tram.

Mission Objective: Board the tram

Of course it takes some time until the tram arrives and we have to fight off a lot of Necromorphs. But we called for the Tram, not for more monsters!
Anyways, the Regenerator will reappear, cut off its legs and stasis it, 2 Leapers will appear, deal with them while the Regenerator is in stasis. There is a stasis station near by, so reload once you are empty or use your stasis packs.
Once you hear the announcement about the tram arriving soon a second (!) Regenerator appears and with it 2 more Leapers. Now shit's going down. Fight, cut, shoot, stasis, survive! Cut and stasis the Regenerator, fight off the Leapers, eventually reload stasis, keep the Regenerators in Stasis and cut off their limbs and eventually you will get into the tram. Then you are save from the Regenerators and all other Necromorphs that might still be alive outside.

You have 2 choices now, either if you want to go for an optional mission head for the middle section. If not head for the Aft Deck. I recommend you do the Optional Mission 2: Conning Tower now, as is is not that hard and you get a lot of useful goodies for it. So I recommend driving to the middle section. If you are a coward go and drive to the Aft Deck...

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