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Chapter 8
Off the Grid

Mission Objectives
Search for survivors
1 Artifact
4 Logs
3 Weapon Parts
1 Blueprint
2 Upgrade Circuits

After we crashed down on Tau Volantis even Isaacs helmet broke and you have a broken suit too. So it doesn't keep you warm and you should always refresh, or rather reheat your body at burning places. That said, the less you stay in the cold the less your body cools down, so let's move on from the crashsite on Tau Volantis!

There is a medium MedPack around the way. Soon Isaac will call for Ellie...

Mission Objective: Search for survivors

Stomp the box, get the ammo clip around here and also the Survey Charge weapon part (1/3). When looking back at the wreck you came out of you can find a way to 2 more Ammo Clips to the left of it and 2 boxes and 2 Ammo Clips to the right, while the right path continues to 2 more Ammo Clips. Now walk on down the hill.

Once Isaac mentions his body temperature there is a fire near by and a narrow path leading from this fire up to the right to another ammo clip. There are lots of boxes and more ammo all around the area. Keep looting until Isaac starts walking normally and the snowstorm stopped. There is a huge burning wreck and you search for Ellie.
A Cutscene plays and you have to mash your action button now (not hold it this time) to drop down some more floors but you still find no Ellie down here or everywhere. Is she dead? Did she survive?

Right behind the first fire down here is an Upgrade Circuit (1/2) and further down the narrow path is another ammo clip. Some more snowstorms (with a Scavenging Point inside) and ammo clips are along your straight path until you find another burning wreckpart with two boxes and an additional Upgrade Circuit on a new game +. Warm up at the fires, then a scene will play and Ellie's corpse is not found.
Continue along the way, at the first flare you can sidetrack to the left to find 2 Ammo Clips, then follow the flares until you... fall down the cliff.
After this rather unexpected fall that we might meet again later on run along the path to find a building you can enter between the red metal walls. Turn on the generator inside with kinesis to warm up and listen to the Audiolog (1/4) and pick up the Textlog (2/4) and the ammo clip.
Get outside again, find another ammo clip and follow the flares around the building to a ladder with 2 Boxes. Climb up the ladder and follow the path to find another room you can heat with the generator. There is the Bolas Gun Weapon Blueprint (1/1) to be found in here and 2 Lockers to be looted. Also you can use the Bench in here once the generator is powered up.

Outside is a cargo lift you take down and follow the path. Once you are in the tube there is an Upgrade Circuit (2/2) to the right. Grab it and follow the path through the tube until you are back on snowy ground.
Don't follow the path down the hill here yet, but get on backwards along the pipe for another box and a room to enter. In here is a Compressor Weapon Part (2/3) and an ammo clip.
Now run along where you should be headed already and be prepared for 3 Slashers jumping out of the snow. You'll reach a ladder with a S.C.A.F. Artifact (1/1) and 2 Ammo Clips on top. There is nothing more here so continue past the door Supply Depot that needs a keycard until you find another door you can enter. A Slasher and a Puker want to stop you from entering so teach them a lesson and get in. Start the generator to warm up and grab your second Scavenger Bot, listen to the Audiolog (3/4) and pick up the Textlog (4/4) and another ammo clip. This ammo clip is a reappearing pickup location, so you can exit and reenter to get a lot of stuff, just wait until the door is closed, then reopen it for infinite item supply.

As soon as you leave and turn around the corner you'll have to fight 3 Slashers running at you, so stasis is helpful here. Behind the building is another ammo clip. Warm up again and then continue down the path until you reach the next flare on the ground. Behind the flare is a building you have to enter next. But before doing so you might want to search around the area a bit, so here is what you can expect. To the right of the building are 5 Slashers hidden in the snow, but after them there is a path leading deeper into the mountains with 3 more Slashers, 2 boxes and the Stasis Coating Weapon Part (3/3). There is also a good Scavenging Point between the rocks here.
To the left of the building is the entrance into it and also 5 Slashers. And around here, close to the metal structures is also another good Scavenging Point. Once you enter the second door in the building you enter the next chapter.

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