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Chapter 2
On Your Own

1 Artifact
1 Log


Mission Objective: Meet Captain Norton on the bridge

After waking up on the U.S.M. Eudora and thanking Carver there is a small MedPack right behind you. Snap it and search for 2 ammoclips on the tables, the Audio Log (1/1) and yet another MedPack before you continue towards the bridge.
After you pass the showers on the Eudora you enter a room where you walk down a slope. On the upper end of the slope are 2 cabinets with goodies in it. After the slope you enter a door to a long hallway where all the windows glow blue from the hyperspace you are traveling in at the moment. You should be going straight on to the bridge but you better take your time and run all the way to the end of the hallway for 2 Ammo Clips and 1 Earthgov Artifact (1/1).

After you got these finally do what you should do and get to the bridge.
A Cutscene plays where you enter a field of debris and space trash, oh no, also this is a minefield and the U.S.M. Eudora takes heavy damage from the mines.

Now you have to run along the hallway you already ran along for the Artifact, this time with a bit weird gravity, but it is not difficult at all. Just be fast and reach the other end of the hallway.

Mission Objective: Decouple the module from the ship

After Isaac finally got his EVA gear and is drifting outside in open space you regain control and can find 3 boxes floating out here. Get them or not, then you should fly towards this big container glowing in red with 2 clamps on it. You have to release the clamps now. Use kinesis to move away the 2  slots on both sides holding it in place. After the two clamps are released an activation button appears, so do what you should do and activate it.

You get blown off and can say goodbye to the piece of trash the U.S.M. Eudora has become. You now have to steer Isaac through outer space and anti gravity (or gravity towards the big ship?) to catch up with the container. Of course it would be boring without some scrap parts and mines coming at you. You can and should shoot the mines but you have to steer out of the way of the scrap parts.

Mission Objective: Find a way into the ship

So the gravity pull seems to have stopped or whatever dragged you here anyways. Fly towards the landing bay of the C.M.S. ROANOKE where the cargo container went. On the second landing bay to the right of the one with the cargo container you can land and enter. Use kinesis on the door handle to open it and then enter.

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