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Chapter 9

2 Artifacts
5 Logs
5 Weapon Parts
2 Blueprints
2 Upgrade Circuits

After the freezing guy told you that there might be thermo snow suits in the basement Isaac wants one too because Isaac is a fashion victim and can't stand looking different from the others.

Mission Objective: Locate a suit kiosk

So walk all the way around the wrecked building and turn on the generator with kinesis. Grab the ammo clip on the ground and the Canister Recovery Module Weapon Part (1/5). Then use the Bench to deposit your upgrade circuits and also use them to improve your weapons and whatelse you need to do.
Then grab one of the cog wheels from the wall with kinesis and throw it towards the elevator. Walk back to the elevator and place the cog into the wall where there is already another cog turning to repair the lift. And now we can search for the snow suit.

Ride down and exit the elevator to see the suit kiosks behind the bars. They are so close but we have a long way ahead to reach them. But it is possible to kinesis the one box behind the bar over and get the content by smashing it.
Enter the door on the left. This is a kitchen with a Compact Standard Frame Weapon Part (2/5) on the shelf. Also you make your first encounter with a shy Feeder.

Enemy: Feeder
Feeders like to attack in groups, and hang around mostly in dark areas which makes their glowing red eyes shine even more creepy. But one headshot kills a Feeder.
It seem that they are blind as you can sneak past them if you are silent and don't use any light (from your gun) to attrackt them.

To earn the Hungry Throphy you must make it through the next rooms up to to the ladder after the S.C.A.F. Artifact without attracting one of the Feeders at all. So don't attract the Feeders and don't even even point your gun at them as the light attrackts them too. To make it easier you can even collect all goodies after you got the trophy.

Follow the path through the storage room, get the box and enter the next room. There are 5 Feeders hanging around on the ground and doing their Feeder business. You can sneak by to the door on the right or start a fight with them, if you do fight them, 4 more Feeders will join in through the vents. There are also 2 lockers in this room.
The next room has an Audio Log (1/5) and a Box. Enter the next room to meet even more Feeders, like 15 or so, this is getting intense, there is also an Upgrade Circuit (1/2) in this room. To get past the Feeders unattacked in this room you have to crouch by them.
In the next room is some creepy sound all paired with more blood on the walls but noone will attack you. There is a S.C.A.F. Artifact (1/2) in the small sideroom, and also a box. Then you can exit to the next huge hall. If you managed to get here unnoticed you've earned your Trophy and can eventually backtrack to get to goodies and fight some Feeders and get more goodies from their dead bodies.
Climb down the ladder. Before you can continue you must play another minigame that is all about correcting this strange alien electronic devices so that they work. The disc in the middle gives out the power and all the other discs have to be connected to it by a connector that looks the same. So turn the middle disc once, the upper right disc once and the bottom right one once and we are set. In the end it should look like this:
Now the spiked piston opens up a new way after you push the button next to it, watch it retreat and come back, watch it kill a Feeder, then get in the tube and stasis the piston and get through the door on the right where the Feeder came from. There is a stasis station, so recharge and get back into the tube. Stasis the piston once it is at the back end and get there really quick and exit left this time. You can stasis the piston from the stasis station and run through this way.
In here is another Piston blocking the way to continue and another disc minipuzzle. This time there is no charger, they just all have to fit.
Turn the topleft disc once, bottomleft once, bottom middle twice, bottomright once and topmiddle twice.
In the end it should look something like this:

And now you can fight off a Feeder stampede, there are around 10-12 of them, but hey, there is a stasis station close by, so use as much stasis as you like and refresh it there and shoot like crazy. After that is done and you hopefully survived, activate and then stasis the next piston and enter the tube, run to the right end and exit to the left to find a ladder to climb here. Up there are 2 Lockers and to the left is the Explosion Amplifier Weapon Part (3/5). You need kinesis to get it. Continue along the way to find the Supply Depot key. With the Supply Depot Keycard you can play the the optional mission 3 Supply Depot. But more on that later, and I'll link it again, once you can actually access that optional mission. As you know, I will drop the link then.
You can also find an Audiolog (2/5) and the Medic Support Handgun Blueprint (1/2) in here. Now enter the next door to finally reach the suit kiosks and get your snow suit. This makes it possible for you to run around the ice cold outsides without worrying about your body temperature. You can also use the target marker functionality of the suit again to find out where to go and where the Bench is.
You should upgrade your RIG to at least level 3 health now.
Use kinesis to open the grate, listen to the Audiolog (3/5) and ride the elevator up to the waystation.
You might want to use the Bench to drop of your collected parts and upgrade your weapons. Then exit the waystation and kill the 3 Slashers that attack you. Also note, that the boxes in the alcove in the mountains behind the waystation are back again, but the 3 Slasher there are too. But the scavenging point is also still there. And the second scavenging point towards the way you came from is also still (again) active.
You can also backtrack a bit and do the Optional Mission 3 in the Supply Depot now. But you will still get the chance to do that later on in chapter 11. But when going there you will pass by the respawning item point, but this time the door magically turned into an annoying kinesis door, however you explain that...

Once you are set continue straight on when coming out of the waystation and enter the hut over there.
If you didn't pick up the weapon part in here in the previous chapter already do so now. You'll get a Tesla Core Weapon Part (4/5). Then exit the warm hut and get out into the snowstorm once again. Follow the snowy trail uphill until you reach a metal door. A Waster comes out running at you, use stasis and get rid of the beast. A bit further on a ladder comes into sight, but behind it 2 Wasters wait for you, take them out and then get all the boxes around here (10 boxes). Overwhelmed by the masses of boxes don't forget to drop a scavenger bot into the left cave as there is a good scavenging point. Finally you could climb up the ladder.
Through the ever lasting snowstorm you reach a metal construct that aches and gives you a taste of what is ahead. Besides that there is a box ahead, there will also be a scene where you have to hold your up button and mash your action button like crazy to survive to falling snowmobile and gently climb through the snowtruck, so do it.

Walk along the panorama view of the Prologue chapter and enter the cave. There are 2 Boxes to the right, but as soon as you do something with them a Slasher jumps out between the boxes. A little bit further down the path are 2 more Slashers, so be prepared.
Exit the cave and get the 2 Boxes behind the rocks on the right of the huge open field in front of the building complex. Even though there are only 2 Boxes I somehow got 3 items from it. Just because.
Well, then go to the building and a scene plays where one of the surviving crewmembers shoots at something you can't see (yet). Also Ellie radios in and wants you close to her. Hrrrr! Get into the small building and kickstart the generator to power the elevator outside and of course the Bench and the Suit Kiosk. Upgrade your suit RIG in the health department to max and also max out all other stats as far as possible. Also your stasis shots (energy) could/should be on max by now as this will come in handy pretty instantly. Then get out and take the Elevator up.
Well, as far up as you can get...

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