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Optional Mission 5
Reaper Barracks

1 Artifact
3 Logs
3 Weapon Parts
1 Blueprint
2 Upgrade Circuits

You come here while you still collect the Rosetta Samples on Chapter 14. You find the Reaper Barracks Keycard to the elevator down to the barracks also in chapter 14. It is in the Paleontology Section of the snowy laboratory.
So take the elevator down.

Exiting the elevator you run into a textlog (1/3), and close to the the grate you find another text log (2/3) next to 2 boxes and 2 lockers and also 2 Suit Kiosks.
Upon entering the next door you will be greeted by 2 soldiers possessed by 2 head infectors, so go for the heads and not the limbs. Also another textlog (3/3) can be found here and on a new game + you will find another Upgrade Circuit.
Once you enter the big hall there are 2 more possessed soldiers on the other side, aim for the heads again and also kill the headinfectors that are left behind. Then grab the 1 box and 1 locker on your side before climbing down the ladder. You can kinesis the boxes from the other side over but I will list them here, once we get there.
Stasis the piston through the wall and run along the piston tube to find another infected soldier. There is a Damage Support Weapon Part (1/3) on the table here and also 1 box. Before leaving this area look behind the piston we just came from. When it passed stasis it again and kinesis the Peng Treasure over to you. This may take some tries but it is possible to get the red glowing statue trophy. You get the Trophy There's always Peng for it.

The next piston doesn't move, so walk along the tube and exit to the left. The Slasher should be no problem for you. Grab the Upgrade Circuit (1/2) from the wall cabinet and the 2 boxes. Drop a Scavenging bot on the Scavenging Spot here and continue to the end of the piston tube. Climb the ladder and get the 2 boxes. When you are at the door 2 Slashers will appear behind you, get rid of them and enter the door.
There are 2 boxes and one MedPack in front of the spiked up Slasher. Stomp the Slasher for another pack of goodies. Then enter the next room. There are Head infectors around here, act quick and shoot them before they indeed infect some soldiers' corpses. There are 2 boxes between the beds and 3 Slashers will attack you deeper into the room. Once they are history use the Bench if you need and get the S.C.A.F. Artifact (1/1) in the small sideroom. On a new game + there is an additional Upgrade Circuit opposite the Bench.

Enter the next door and shoot the 2 lasertraps on the walls before the do you any harm. Another single Slasher will show up and you will cut his limbs off.
The next room has 3 lockers, 2 boxes and the Reaper Officer's Key. Get rid of the trap on the ceiling and open the box for your goodies.

So what is inside the magic box?
  • Rail Accelerator Weapon Part (2/3)
  • Heavy Elite Frame Weapon Part (3/3)
  • Show Stopper Blueprint (1/1)
  • 1 Serrano's Parts Box
  • 1 S.C.A.F. Parts Box
  • 1 Spare Parts Box
Bring your goodies to the Bench to clear up your inventory and then take the next door from the video room.
Thanks to the Officers key you can open the locked door, as soon as you open it an infected soldier is behind the door, shoot his head and the headinfector getting thrown out and turn around as 3 Slashers and 2 more head infectors are around.
Finally enter the door and don't go straight into the door but shortcircuit the door to the right and enter.
Get rid of the 2 Headinfectors and the 2 traps and get the Upgrade Circuit (2/2) at the end of the hallway.
Finally take the door you missed, kill the 2 head infectors, get all the new goodies in this room and then take the elevator back up to the Paleontology in Chapter 14.

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