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Chapter 6
Repair to Ride

1 Artifact
2 Logs
3 Weapon Parts
3 Upgrade Circuits


Mission Objective: Locate the shuttle bay

From here you can still take the tram to the middle deck to play the Optional Mission 2: Conning Tower.
If you don't want to or are just coming from there, enter the door on the left. You can crash 2 boxes on the ground and get a Military Engine Weapon Part (1/3). This room has a good Scavenging Point for your Scavenger Bot. There is also a Torque room you can open with a Torque bar. You build a Torque bar from the rare and thus precious metal Tungsten at the Bench. Put this Torque bar into the opening next to the Torque Room door and turn it with Kinesis and you can enter and get the goodies from the Torque Room.

Content of the Torque Room:
This Torque room has no weapon parts or upgrade circuits but 3 Lockers, Ammo Clip and Tungsten. Your choice, if you want to spend a Torque Bar on it.

So leave this room and call the elevator. As soon as you press the button a Regenerator appears and attacks you. Cut of its legs and jump into the elevator as soon as it arrives. You don't even have to stasis this creep.

Mission Objective: Craft a remote relay

Issac is happy to find the shuttle but it is wrecked and missing parts. So we have to search for three parts now to build a remote relay.
Kill the Exploder on the other side of the ramp, but there are more to come. There is a small MedPack on the ground to the left and then get the stuff from the locker at the end of the catwalk to the left. You can even kinesis some goodies from the other side here, but I'll cover them once we are on the other side, I hope this is okay with you, please be patient until then, not that I can stop you from getting these right now anyways...
Take the cargo lift down and kill the Exploder and 3 Leapers that appear now. Sometimes there are only 2 Leapers and even more Exploders, also from behind, so watch out.
Get down the slope here and you will find your first Relay Part, the Remote Circuit Board on the shelf down here. There are 2 Boxes and another Ammo Clip at the bottom of the ladder. After you got the part for the remote relay climb up the ladder and wait by the vent. There are at least 4 more Exploders coming in through the vent and you can kill them all off with their own explosive mass. If you don't wait for them all and kill them all here by the vent they will follow you all around the huge area. When you take the cargo lift up 2 Leapers will appear from both sides. And having to deal with 2 Leapers and more Exploders is annoying, so take care of the Exploders before going up. After you got rid of the 2 Leapers up here get to the front of the shuttle and call the lift. This lift has 3 positions we can reach with it, and we want it to go to the other side now.

There is a Bench here, 2 lockers at the end of the top walkway and at the left end from the lockers are 2 Boxes, a small med kit and the Stasis Support Weapon Part (2/3). Drop this stuff at the Bench, then take the cargo lift down. Right in front of the lift at the bottom end is the second part we need, the Remote Radio Controller. In the right edge you can find an ammo clip.
Now walk down the ramp for another box. Climb up the ladder to run into the third and last part for the Remote Relay, the Remote ASS Locator Module. Now we can get back to the lift to get back to the bench, but watch out, 2 Leapers will attack you when you approach the cargo lift. After that you can return to the Bench to build the remote relay.

Mission Objective: Install the remote relay

With the newly crafted remote relay we get to the 3 way lift in front of the shuttle and this time we drive down to the nose of the shuttle. Here you use kinesis to open the hatch and then just put the remote relay into the open hatch.
Ellie calls in and tries to power up the shuttle, but no chance, no fuel in it. So what should we do now?

Mission Objective: Refuel the Crozier

Actually there is a way through to the back end on both sides of the ship now, but we use the lift to exit to the walkway on left side of the ship, take the cargo lift down and enter the door at the back of the room. There is an Upgrade Circuit (1/3) in the wallcabinet in front of the ladder. After grabbing it climb the ladder of course. The stasis station up here will be handy in a few seconds. Step a bit into the room ahead with the back of the shuttle in it and a Waster will come running at you. Get back to the hatch and the stasis station, stasis the Waster and kill it. Another Waster with only half his body jumps out of the vent on the left, stasis is also useful here, now refresh at the stasis station and wait for 2 more Wasters or get onto the walkway behind the shuttle, and meet them sooner. Stasis is also very useful here.
Now you should use the cargo lift up to the control panel, but rather we want to walk past it and search for the Scavenging Point up the slope. After you dropped your scavenger bot continue up the cargo lift.
In the control room you use the consoles to activate the pump controls.

Mission Objective: Attach the fuel nozzle

Still in the control room get the box, 2 Lockers and the Upgrade Circuit (2/3) from the wall cabinet. Now it is time to get to the fuel nozzle.
On the walkway outside are 2 Boxes and of course the fuel nozzle which you kinesis down into the shuttle.

Mission Objective: Wait for the fueling sequence to complete

While you are standing here waiting 2 Wasters come running at you, and after a few seconds 2 more Wasters run at you. Stasis and shoot a lot and you'll be fine.

Mission Objective: Detach the fuel nozzle

Oh what surprise, as soon as the attacking Wasters are all killed the fueling is finished. So let's get back into the control room and use the switch here to detach the nozzle.
Ellie calls in and powers the shuttle up casing flames bursting out of everywhere. So we might want to get out of here if we don't want to end as a hot dog in space.

Mission Objective: Return to the shuttle bay

But to calm you down, even though the music is really hectic and doing a good job of creating a tense atmosphere actually you have all the time you need.
So take the cargo lift down and get back over the walkway you came from. Through the flames at the back of the ship is the only way you can take. Just wait until the flames are gone for a moment and run through. Take out the Waster coming along the walkway or watch it running into the flames and continue on your way. A Regenerator will appear, but the Regenerator is unaffected by the flames and we are panicing already, so just cut of its legs and stasis it, time your flame jumping and get down the ladder.
When opening the doors wait a moment for the flames to stop, then get through. Call the cargo lift and get away from it and look down the ramp. The Regenerator appears here. Cut off its legs again and stasis it until the cargo lift arrived and the ride it up.
Take out the Waster coming from the flamey vent, maybe you want to grab another ammoclip at the end of the walkway and then take the threeway lift across the hall to the other side. Be fast, as there are 2 Regenerators at least chasing you.

Mission Objective: Fix the shuttle bay doors

As soon as you arrive on the other side Ellie calls in and complains some more and makes you do more stuff from her remote position. Now you should take the cargo lift down again and get down the ramp. Watch out for the flames coming out of the ground and everywhere and then kinesis the door down here open and get in. Find your way through the flames here, grab the 2 Lockers and enter the elevator at the end of the room.

Mission Objective: Clear the obstructed gears

Get into position on one of the turrets here and then shoot at everything that moves and also at all the things blocking the gears. It will start raining Slashers and Regenerators but you have unlimited ammo and can just breeze through all your enemies. Oh what fun!

Mission Objective: Prep the Crozier for re-entry

After you killed them all and freed the gears you get blown out into space without any chance to get back in to where you just came from or even seeing the hole you got blown out.
So check out where your target is by pressing the button to show the way and then aim for the huge piece of debris below it. You should shoot all the mines coming at you while you approach this piece of debris.
Also a new kind of enemy will show up, it's just a slimeblob shooting you with smaller aggressive slimeblobs. Just shoot them, and when they puke out their last slime blob and kind of explode they are gone. The last aggressive small slime blob is still coming right at you though, so shoot this too.
Now there is a cargo container on the underside of this piece of debris with 3 wall cabinets on the pillars near by. Take a look at the screenshot to the left, maybe even in fullscreen to see what structure I mean. The cargo container contains an Upgrad Circuit (3/3), the Military Engine Weapon Part (3/3), and some more goodies.
On the other side of the piece of debris is a S.C.A.F. Artifact (1/1) to be found floting around in space. Just look at the center pillar of the statue like U-formed structure. And check the image to the right here. Feel free to view it in full size by clicking on it.

You could have collected all this already at the beginning of chapter 5, but describing this weird location at this point would only have confused me and you. But remember it for another playthrough.

Now follow your quest marker and fly into the bay of the Terra Nova where you arrived some chapters ago. It can be a bit confusing in there just fly towards the red lights and then past them. You will be back at the Skip while a call comes in.

Mission Objective: Recover a port engine for the Crozier

As the Shuttle is damaged we now have to get an engine for it. So just hop on board of the Skip and fly to the Greely to get an engine from the debris around the wrecked ship.

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