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Chapter 11
Signal Hunting

2 Artifacts
4 Logs
1 Weapon Part
4 Upgrade Circuits

And there we are, the huge beast is the key to find out how to go on. And we just have to get inside of it. What a tasty idea.

Mission Objective: Reactivate the heating system

There are 2 Boxes on the ground level around the beast, get them, use the bench if needed, then walk along the beast and enter the next room called Furnace room. There is an Audiolog (1/4) in here. Nothing more, but the next room has a Suit Kiosk and a new Suit. Put on your new Archaeologist Suit and upgrade your RIG, if you haven't already. Your health and stasis stats should be close to max or maxed out by now. Then take a look around to find an Upgrade Circuit (1/4) in the Cabinet, 2 Boxes and 2 Lockers.

Take the Cargo Lift up and grab the 2 Boxes around the corner to the right. Then drop a Scavenging Bot at the Scavenging Point close to the ladder here. Get back to the elevator and where the boxes were and open the small cabinet. There is a power core inside that cabinet that is needed all the way over at the other end of this platform. Kinesis it with you and start walking towards the other side. Once you get attacked drop it, backtrack a bit and kill the Waster and the Leaper. Another pair of Waster and Leaper appear right after the first pair is dead, and then another Leaper.
After they are gone forever grab the power core again and kinesis it over to the building on the other side. There is a small gap in the door where you don't fit in but the power core does. Just throw it in there. Now backtrack to the ladder and get up to the walkway. 3 Wasters face you on this windy way. After that there is another box a bit hidden on the roof. Use kinesis to get it, then climb down the ladder.
Open the 3 Lockers and get the Upgrade Circuit (2/4) from the wallcabinet. Then it is time to get the powercore to the fitting hole and power the heaters back up. When calling back to the crew a Waster jumps in through the vent on the left of the switch.
As the power is on now, the door out of here opens now. But when you exit through the door you have to fight a Leapers and a Waster. This will give you goodies but waste ammo. If you climb up the ladder and walk over the catwalk again you face no Necromorphs this way and also get no goodies. Your choice. Then ride down the elevator again and get back to the main nexus room with the huge beast in it.

Mission Objective: Adjust the Heaters

And now we have to heat up the beast. This is done by finally turning on the heating right at the huge machine. And this is done by turning the crank that has its number lit up on the machine and above the crank. Use kinesis to do so, then use the button in the middle once again. And there you would suspect the future scifi tech to be all about minimalism and simple (touch)button presses not these huge cranks...

Mission Objective: Rendezvous with Santos

Get into the elevator next to the Bench now and up we go to Santos. The catwalk to the right has 1 Box at the end, go and get it before it is too late. Then get to Santos and get the Probe Gun Blueprint (-/-) from her. This Blueprint is not counted in any of your stats for collectibles or similar stuff. But in the end we have to build this thing now.

Mission Objective: Collect the Probe components

Get back to the core drill now. You will see a wicked and depressing scene, but on the other hand, less enemies you would have to kill...
Throwing the dead Unitology Soldiers straight above you sometimes makes them drop some goodies. Then continue to the outside of the drill area and walk along the catwalk to the right. Now we have the keycard and can enter the door here.

As the elevator ahead is locked follow the thing that fled to the left. Get the Textlog (2/4) and then take the elevator down. Outside you witness a scene of a new Necromorph form called Stalkers eating on a corpse but then they shy away.

Enemy: Stalker
Stalkers are very clever and most of the time you encounter them in swarms. They sneak up on you in open areas, hide behind obstacles and only stick out their head and move around pretty quickly and search for another hiding spot. Once you are fighting one of them or are otherwise distracted they run towards you and ram you really hard just to hide somewhere else afterwards. Cut off their legs to stop them from running so damned fast and you are done with one. Now watch out for the others that already have a keen eye on you.

To the left is another path leading to a dead end that has nothing in it but a Scavenging Point. So drop a bot here and continue on with the path your questmarker tells you to. There are 2 Stalkers at the cargo containers, take them out, use stasis if needed and get the 2 Boxes behind the snowploughdiggercrane.
Behind the next cargo container lurks another Stalker. At the corner there are 2  more Stalkers and that's it for them for now. Get moving towards the door. But don't miss the 2 Boxes to the left and there is also a Unitology Artifact (1/2) next to the boxes. Now enter the door.
This is a briefing room with a movie playing and 2 Textlogs (3+4/4), 2 Lockers and 2 Boxes inside. You might want to open the Torque room, just read on to see if it is worth it for you.

Content of this Torque Room:
  • Repeater Weapon Part (1/1)
  • 1 Upgrade Circuit (3/4)
  • 4 Boxes

Could have been better, but whatever, get to the next door behind the projector and enter the staging area.
You better stay almost inside the door elevator thingy and get rid of the 5-6 Stalkers attacking now. They seem to run around like crazy, don't get confused. Remember to shoot their legs. And sometimes you have to step out of the door room a bit to make them attack at all.
Once the annoying creepy music stops they are all dead. Now you can get all the 7 Boxes around the open area, half of them are found on top of the crates in the middle.
Now play the hacking minigame and proceed through the door it opens into Area NX-02. NX-02 could mean Nexus 02. There are 2 Ammo Clips before the next door, and another 2 Ammo Clips after the door and to the left. Also you can kinesis the 2 Boxes over the gap.
To the right of the door is a wall cabinet with an Upgrade Circuit (4/4) in it. Now walk along the catwalk until the very end (even past the ladder), turn left and use kinesis on the gear to pull up the elevator cage beneath. Just kinesis it all the way up. Then finally climb down the ladder and walk to the right end to find a box and the Probe Tip (1/3). To the other end you will find 4 Ammo Clips, 3 medium MedPacks and the Probe Engine (2/3). Now we can enter the cage you just pulled up and get the Probe Frame (3/3).
And this was everything we can do here, so get back to the staging area where you just fought the horde of Stalkers.

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