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Optional Mission 3
Supply Depot

1 Artifact
6 Logs
2 Weapon Parts
1 Blueprint
3 Upgrade Circuits

So you either come here after halfways finishing Chapter 9, then you will be entering from the top. This means you are right on spot. To your right are a suit kiosk and a Bench. Use them if you need and then take the elevator between them all the way up. You are now at the tram station.
If you come here via the tram on some of the later chapters, like Chapter 11, you will enter from exactly this tramstation, so let's start here by searching the one Locker here and getting the Electrocution Weapon Part (1/2). Now take the long elevator (back) down.
And no matter where you are comming from, you now need the Supply Depot Keycard to enter. But you pick it almost automatically in Chapter 9 anyways as it is placed right along the normal path through that level.

Here is another pair of suit kiosk and Bench. Take the door straight on and fight the 2 Slashers. They appear one after the other, so this is fairly easy. Listen to the Audio Log (1/6) and pick up the Textlog (2/6). Then play the shortcircuit minigame to open the locked door.

Mission Objective: Find the stashes supplies

The next room has a ladder leading to 2 Boxes and a Scavenging Point next to the ladder, but nothing more, so get the boxes, drop off the Scavenger Bot and continue through the door. This room has 2 Slashers attacking you for a start, then 2 more Slashers enter and bring a Puker with them. Through the door on the right you reach an iced hallway with a single Ammo Clip in it. The next door brings you to a room with an Ammo Clip in the ice to the right, right after the door. There are also 2 Cabinets around the corner. Grab the goodies in them before you continue to the next room.

The huge room has 3 Lockers, an Audiolog (3/6) and a poor guy hanging on the wall. As soon as you try to exit though, the doors lock and you have to fight 6 Slashers and 4 Pukers. Get away from the door and especially the vent next to the door. Most of the time there are no more than 3 enemies in the room at once. But they like to appear really immediately after you killed one. After they are all gone for good stomp all the corpses and get some goodies. Then you can enter the door.
Follow the path around the corner through a door to enter another big room from the top. Climb down the ladder and get ready to fight 7 Slashers and 2 Pukers. Now grab the power cell and power up the closest node to enter a small room with 2 Slashers and 2 Boxes. There is also the Repeater Weapon Part (2/2) in here. After you got all this drag the power cell with all your kinesis power to the second node and stick it in to enter a room with 3 Boxes and nothing else.
The next room though has a broken lift that needs minigame fixing. Shortcircuit it and 6 Slashers attack you. By now you should be used to these enemy hordes, aren't you? Slash them down! Then take the lift up and enter the door to find a room with 2 Lockers, a Textlog (4/6) and a Bench.
If you don't have a Torque Bar craft one at that Bench.

Then continue to find an unactivated drawbridge, just use kinesis on the blue kinesis button in the other side to lower it and be able to pass it. Once you lowered it 7 Slashers and 3 Pukers attack in a huge, seemingly neverending wave of acid puke and sharp limbs. They come from both sides of the bridge so staying to the left end of the drawbridge seems to be a safer place, as far as a safe place goes in this bloodfeast.
The next room has a Torque Room branching off, so it is your choice if you want to spend a Torque Bar on it, to make your decision easier read on:

Content of the Torque Room:
  • Heavy Metal Thunder Blueprint (1/1)
  • 2 Spare Parts Boxes
  • 2 Ammo Clips
  • 4 Lockers
Sounds good.

Bring your loot to the Bench and then continue to the next room. A small room that smells like a perfect room for a mean ambush, but nothing happens, so climb down the ladder and exit to the next room with nothing in it, but the room after that has a catwalk and 2 Slashers. After killing them (set one of them into stasis while you tackle the other, then kill the slower one) climb the ladder and get on the elevator.
After you get out of the elevator 2 Slashers jump in, but they are easy to get rid of. The Audiolog (5/6) could need someone to actually listen to it, also grab the Ammo Clip, open the 3 Lockers and the 1 Cabinet.
The next room only has a Bench, use it if you need more MedPacks (big fight ahead) or want to upgrade your weapons.
Through the only new door you enter a huge room. There is a S.C.A.F. Artifact (1/1) on the right end of the room. On a new game + you can also find a MK-II Scope Weapon Part in here. Once you activate the lift in the middle of the room you have to fight some waves of enemies. The lift won't arrive until they are all dead.
At first a Feeder swarm of about 12 Feeders comes at you.
After you fought them 6 Slashers and 2 Pukers round up the fight.

So the lift comes down and the Crate on it gives you:
  • Scope Weapon Part (2/2)
  • 2 Upgrade Circuits (1+2/3)
  • 1 Spareparts Box
  • 1 Ammo Clip
  • Scrap metal
Mission Accomplished... on paper, we still have to get out, so let's do this.

Now leave through the now unlocked door. After another door you'll reach a room with a Bench, an Audiolog (6/6) and a Scavenging Point in the dead end after the Bench. Through some more doors you reach an elevator up to a room with 3 more Slashers in it, but also a cabinet with an Upgrade Ciruit (3/3) and 3 Lockers. The next room looks familiar, doesn't it? And the room close to the exit has the last 2 Slashers for this side mission and after them we can finally get out of the Supply Depot. Maybe you want to upgrade your RIG here with all the items you looted in the Supply Depot. Even just on chapter 9 I managed to fully upgrade my RIG in the health department and also added some stasis boosts.

So you either want to continue at the last bit of chapter 9 or take the tram back to chapter 11.

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