Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna

Amethyst Outside

FAQ written by Zoska

You'll be attacked immediately. I suggest using Glas turret, Deke's flamethrower and Alex's confusion gas. A good combination of those skills should finish them all off. When you're done, go north, then east to reach the end of the stage. There's a biometric door there, you'll need something to unlock it. Go back and enter the white door.
Bonus Totem #10
Northwest side of the first room, behind a table.
Grab the totem in this room, go to the next room, there's a document on the table and a dead man to the right. Inspect his body and get his finger. You can now access the biometric door, but first...
Bonus Totem #11
Near to the container, south of the biometric door.
Grab the ammo box just ahead of you and follow the hallway.
Bonus Totem #12
Make a right from the hallway and you'll find it behind a box.
On the counter you'll find a Medkit and a document. There's another Medkit on the way to the next stage, right besides the stairs. A light will flicker and reveal the Medkit. Go up the stairs and follow the hallway. In the room to the right there's one more Medkit, right by the lockers. Now use the door to go the next stage.

You have to "look for clues about the stattuete's location".

This stage is huge and things can get a little confusing, so we'll make it simple. Go west and south at the intersection. Kill the guards and open the door with the switch.

Room 1
Leave from the east side and enter the next room north.

Room 2
On the right side of the room there's a document. Remember the code (2841).

Room 3
Exit the room and go southeast until you hit a dead end. Grab the ammo box hidden among the barricades.
Bonus Totem #13
To the left side of the screen, behind a table.
Go back to Room 1 and exit from the north side. Kill the guard and go all the way east, you'll find 2 other guards there. Go south for a Medkit near the barricades. Head north and use the code you got in Room 2 to disable the lasers.

Room 4

This one is pretty straightforward. You can move the grey fuses and the last one will move alongside any other fuses you move. There are five fuses you can move, and we'll number these accordingly to their placing from left to right.

Move fuse #1 down 2 times.
Then do the same with fuse #3.
Move fuse #2 2 times up.
Move fuse #4 3 times up and down once.
Finally, move fuse #1 up and down.
Go to the room exactly north of room 4.

Room 5
You will find some resistance here, kill the guards and grab the Medkit and Ammo Box on the northeast side of the room. Use the computer to your left to open a door that will lead you outside and into the last room. Exit the room and go to the door you just unlocked.

Room 6
Bonus Totem #14
Southwest side of the room.
You'll see a table behind two bright screens. Grab a key from the table and a Medkit to the left of the body next to you.

Exit the room from the right and follow the hallway up. You'll see a few guards that are no threat. Grab the Medkit to your left and the one in the purple room. Open the door to your right, kill the 2 guards, leave the room from the east and make your way north. You'll be at an elevator, Rain will say the power to turn it on needs to be redirected from another side of the lab. You will now be in control of Glas and Deke.

This stage is very straight-forward, just follow the hallways, while killing the guards until you see a big green door, but before you go into the door, head east all the way and grab the Medkit and Ammo Box.
Bonus Totem #15
Behind the rock formation.

Chief Security
Tough fight ahead, not so tough if you know what do. As soon as you enter the room, a cutscene will be triggered and you'll be left standing in the middle of the room. Do not grab the Ammo Box, yet. Go hide on the left behind the container, kill the gunner there. Use Deke's guided missiles (skill #3) to kill the remaining Gunner and deal some damage to the Chief Security. Once you've dealth with the 2 gunners, you can concentrate on the boss. The trick is to hide behind the container, wait for her to shoot, trigger tactical pause and move both your characters and shoot her, then hide again, rinse and repeat. After dealing enough damage, she'll release some creatures that will attack you. Use Deke's flame thrower (skill #2) to finish them off quickly, go back to the previous strategy, so on and so forth.
Once you're done, head east to the control room and a new puzzle awaits.

Yet another puzzle. You'll see a battery bar on each side. The one to the right is yellow, at half power, and the one to the right is green at max power. This tells you the green and yellow lightning signs are giving more power than the green and red signs. You'll have to move the signs with the arrows in between.

Without touching anything, in this order: click the arrow on the top right side, the one on the bottom left and the one below the top right arrow, and that's it!
This stage has too many enemies, be careful. You'll have to climb up the stairs and kill the enemies in this room. Keep going west until you cross a wooden bridge.
Bonus Totem #16
Below the green glass pods, right next to a lamp.
Keep going east, eventually you'll get to a work station, hit the red switch, it will activate a lift. Follow the bridge to the other side, you will encounter a few more guards that you can easily kill by using Rain's decoys ability (skill #3). Follow the path, it'll take you north eventually to another lift.
Bonus Totem #17
Below the lift there's a mace-like metal bridge, in the center there's a red light and right next to it you'll find the totem.
Take the lift and watch the cutscenes (or skip them).

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