Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna


FAQ written by Zoska

Game Basics

(From the in-game tutorial and more)

Stealth Mode
  • Pressing CTRL will enter Stealth Mode. This reduces the noise you make and your visibility.
  • You can sneak up on an enemy and kill them by pressing F if they didn't detect you.
  • Hover over your target with the cursor and press left click to shoot them.
  • Press R to reload manually. The gun will reload automatically when you empty the magazine.
  • Press left shift to roll. You take less damage when rolling.
  • Every character in the game has unique skills they can use.
  • Skills have limited ammunition.
  • You can pick up ammunition from dead enemies and objects.
  • You can switch skills and weapons by pressing 1, 2 and 3, or by clicking on the preferred skill.
  • Fear affects the strengths and weaknesses of the characters.
  • The higher your Fear, the higher damage you'll deal, but the lower you resistance will be.
  • Fear rises when your character gets hurt, when they're surrounded or when they face stressful events.
  • To reduce Fear, you can use a medkit.
  • Hold V to heal your wounds with a Medkit.
  • Using a Medkit takes time, make sure you're in a safe place.
  • With a Medkit you can revive other characters efficiently.
  • You can still revive someone without a Medkit, but it will be far less effective.
  • Press Space to enter tactical pause.
  • In tactical pause, the time is frozen so you can plan the actions of your characters more strategically.
  • Give them orders by controlling them just like in active mode.
  • Cancel your orders by pressing right click.
  • When you press Space again, your orders will be validated and you'll go back to the active mode.
  • Whenever you want to take back the direct control of a character who follows an order, simply move.
  • Synergies are combinations of two skills of two different characters.
  • To create a Synergy, use two compatible skills at the same time and it will create a powerful attack.
  • Try different combinations of skills to find new synergies.
  • There will be puzzles throughout the game.
  • You'll have to think them through to resolve them.
  • Beware, some clues are hidden in the level, don't forget to look around.
Bonus Totems
Spread across the maps, you will find hidden 'bonus totems'. This will unlock specific content which you can access in the main menu. They're usually pretty well hidden. Look out for shiny objects lying around and you'll be able to spot them.

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