Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna

Hong Kong

FAQ written by Zoska

Enjoy a bit of cinematics here as an introduction. The gameplay will begin soon.


Once in control of Hana and Rain you'll go through a basics tutorial (which we have covered in this guide in case you need a reminder). This part is pretty straight-forward. Fans of Baldur's Gate will recognise the tactical pause. Put simply, you can freeze time and give orders to your characters, which they will perform when you unpause. Remember to press the X key to regroup and force your characters to follow you.

Make it until you're given the explanation for tactical pause and issue the orders for both Hana and Rain. I recommend moving both characters to the right side of the map, since more enemies will be coming from there. Make sure to shoot at different enemies with each character, kill the rest coming from that side, then turn around and kill the lonely guard in the back left side.
Bonus Totem #1
In this screen you'll find your first Bonus Totem. North of the truck there's a box and right next to the box, there's your first Bonus Totem!

Welcome to your first challenge in the game! Remember in these boxes we'll tell you where to find the clues so you can work them out yourselves, and the solutions will be within spoilers. You can ignore these boxes completely if you wish to solve the puzzles by yourselves.

You'll have to defuse a bomb. On each side of the plugs, there's a symbol. They are different and each one has a specific color and wires attached to them. A light is beeping progressively highlighting these colours in the same order every time. Look close enough and you'll notice every wire has a line on them, that's their corresponding number.

That's all the information you can get from the bomb. You'll have to look around the facility for more information. You'll see panels with colours corresponding to those from the bomb. Each panel has a number as well. Those are all the clues you can find here.

Remember every side has 3 wires and the wires have lines on them denoting their numbers. Cut the wires in the following order:
  • Left wires: Cut wires 2 and 3.
  • Bottom wires: Cut wire 2.
  • Top wires: Cut wires 3 and 1.

The Loft

Now in control of your characters once again, you'll have to approach a man standing near you windows, but before you do that...
Bonus Totem #2
Head straight north and you'll find your second Totem left of the fridge.
Head north and you'll see a man standing next to the windows. Approach him to trigger a scene. You'll have to search the flat in case the man forgot something. Approach the computer to your right and press F. From there go to the southwest side of the room and interact with the green screen. There's one more place to interact with. Before leaving the room, check the shiny spot on the desk.

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