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Fear Effect Sedna


FAQ written by Zoska

Hana agrees to partner up with Alex. Rain and Deke will act as a wealthy couple while you'll be in control of Hana.


After your conversation with the receptionist, you'll have to find a way to access the lower floor. There's a map you can inspect on the wall beyond the receptionist. It will trigger a conversation with Rain and they will mention the receptionist having the keys, but there are many witnesses, to this they will mention the fire alarm.

Check the panels left of the receptionist and press the button number 1. An archive will rise from the floor and this will cover you from being seen while activating the fire alarm. Go south and east in the next room. You'll see the fire alarm there. Activate it and the civilians will run away.

You can now pick up the receptionist's key. Sneak under the camera (the red field of vision) and open the door. Here you have to activate the switch and move along with the archive to avoid being spotted by the camera. Take the elevator.

Storage Room

The only door here is locked, you'll have to play through a mini-game to unlock.

PUZZLE - Rythm Game
Welcome to the most frustrating and evil thing ever made in videogame's history! You might think I'm exaggerating, but personally, I've never had to go through something so annoying.

It's fairly easy to understand, what's hard is to actually do it. You have 3 gates which you can open with the directional keys (minus the right key). Each gate has a colour corresponding to the nodes coming in from the right. You can make up to 2 mistakes, which is just an illusion. There is no margin for error, because there are two instances in which you'll have to sacrifice a node. I am 99% sure this is the case. I managed to slow down the game a lot and tried doing this puzzle at a very slow speed to confirm whether or not it was possible to finish it without making any mistakes... to no avail. There is the possibility that I am wrong and you need superhuman reflexes to finish this. If anyone has proof of this, please e-mail it to me.

A few tips:
  • The pattern is always the same.
  • A blue and red node will appear very close to their corresponding gate and you'll have to sacrifice one.
  • Prepare yourself to sacrifice these nodes.
  • Play a few times to get the feel of the game, and when you're familiar with the pattern, make a plan. Think beforehand which nodes you will sacrifice and aim to finish it with only one rectangle left.

And may the Force be with you.
Here you'll have to avoid the camera above you and disconnect one of two cameras. You can start by the room to the north or the one to the south, the order doesn't matter.

In the south room, you'll see a terminal right in front of you. Activate it and run alongside the archives to avoid being detected by the camera. Go north and activate the blue terminal. Follow the archives to the right and here you'll be able to deactivate one of the two cameras. Now you have to go back without being detected. Activate the terminal next to where you deactivated the camera, run alongside the archives, activate the green terminal, move towards the yellow terminal and sprint and sneak in between the two field visions to go back.

In the north room, first go to the purple archive, then the green one. The blue terminal is one of the easy ones as well, activate it and things will get complicated. If you activate the yellow terminal now, the first archive blocking the camera on the left side of the screen will pull down and you'll be spotted. In order to prevent this, go back and use the red and then the purple terminal, this will cover the camera when you use the yellow terminal. Now use the cyan terminal to open your way towards the yellow terminal and you're done. Deactivate the camera and your next objective will be to hack the main system. To go back, simply pull up the yellow archives, then the cyan and finally the red archives.

Now you'll have to go hack the main system. It's right in the hallway south of this room. Leave a mine (press 3 to select it) in the middle of the hallway before hacking the main system. As soon as you do, Hana will say it was booby-trapped and drones will come after you. The first two will die instantly thanks to the mine you placed (I hope you did) then the rest of them should be easy. Just roll and use your second skill to destroy them and heal when necessary. Once you've destroyed them all, you'll be able to take the elevator.
Bonus Totem #6
Hidden near the wall south of the elevator.

Museum - Escape

There's a Medkit slightly south of you, grab it before you open the door.
Bonus Totem #7
Right next to the Medkit you just grabbed.
Heal if you have to. When you do open the door, drones will come at you. You need to run all the way east to get to the next level.

Use the door to your advantadge and lure the drones towards it. You can place mines and wait for them to come and shoot them.

The Docks

You'll now be in control of Alex and your objective is to find your informer. Follow the way west and go south at the intersection.
Bonus Totem #8
South side of the yellow machine (generator?)
From here go all the way west until you see a green house. Get inside and grab the key. Climb up the truck and go all the way up to the first crane. Interact with the switch to lower the container. Go back and cross the container. Go around the first crane all the way west until you see an opening on a wall, go in there and interact with the switch. This will open the doors and allow you to move without using the bridge.

Go up to the crane once again and move the first container back to its original position. Go back from where you came from and climb up the second crane near to the opening on the wall and interact with the switch. You'll have made another bridge, cross it and interact with the switch there. Climb back down and up the last crane to lift up the two containers.

Interact with the switch east of the third crane and the container will move all the way to the left. Use the third crane again and the container to the left will get stuck, allowing you to create a bridge north of the third crane. Go there and interact with the switch to open the gates, but first...
Bonus Totem #9
From the gates, run all the way east and you should see the totem behind a warehouse at the end of the way.
Open the gates and get ready for a boss fight!

You're gonna wanna be on the move constantly. Make a few steps, shoot, a few steps, shoot. Its melee attacks are easy to dodge, you should only have to take a few steps to avoid them. It has a ranged attack, it will stay still and charge for a second and spawn a shadow below you. This shouldn't hit you once if you're constantly on the move. Once you've dealt enough damage, it will go into an overload state and you will have a few moments to shoot it and deal damage to the white bar on the top. Once that bar has been depleted, the fight will be over. Shadows will spawn when you shoot it during the overload. The shadows can deal plenty of damage, make sure to use tactical pause and get rid of them.

After the first overload, it will attack you with a new movement. It'll charge for a second and release some sort of toxic gas, which will make the screen blurry and wavey if you're hit by it.
A few cutscenes will begin when you beat the boss.

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