Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna

Oil Rig

FAQ written by Zoska

You'll encounter a few drones and several guards here, but there's plenty of cover and not a particularly big group of guards. Make your way up north, climb up the stairs and head all the way south and grab the Medkit at the end of the way.
Bonus Totem #22
Left of the Medkit.
Go back and this time take the stairs north and all the way east. Kill the guards and activate the switch, this will lower the bridge. Now go down the stairs and head south. Activate the switch and cross the bridge.
Bonus Totem #23
Go east from the bottom side. You'll find the totem behind a box.
Kill the guards here and enter the door through the bridge.

This stage is simple, but could be tough because of the enemies. Abuse Alex's confusion gas (TIP: You can trigger Synergy with Alex's confusion gas and Hana's bouncer bullets). Go forward and Hana will mention that there's a key to be found. Kill all the enemies and loot their bodies, one of them will have the key. Go back to open that locked door, kill the guards and activate the switch. Now go all the way to the end and take the lift, but before you do...
Bonus Totem #24
East of the lift, below some shelves.
You have two paths here, and you'll have to go through both of them to pick up the Medkits, you're gonna need them.
Bonus Totem #25
At the bottom path.

Go east and you'll trigger a cutscene.
Atiqtalik - Bear Form
Use tactical pause to keep one of your characters shooting at her, while you dodge her attacks with the other characters. Keep this up for a while and she'll go down in no time.

Yet another boss fight.
Atiqtalik - Reindeer Form
Keep your characters separated, as far away from each other as possible. Leave them shoot at Atiqtalik by themselves and use tactical pause to dodge her attacks. Once you've dealt enough damage, she will stay still and try to regenerate health, shoot as much as you can while she's doing that.

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