Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna


FAQ written by Zoska

It seems our friends have decided to take up on the man's offer. A scene with Hana explaining the plan to Rain and Deke will take place.

The Rooftop

You'll be in control of Rain alone. The easiest way to do this is by evading the first guard on the left side of the screen. Use stealth mode when you get the guards to see their visibility range and wait until the guard to the right goes down the stairs. Go all the way up and approach the last guard quickly. Kill the guard in stealth mode with the F key and run towards the white door.
Bonus Totem #3
Go down the stairs to the right and go all the way south. You'll find your precious shiny object here. (Totally not a reference or anything.)
Proceed through the door onto the next stage.


You won't need much help with this one. You have to reproduce the shapes on the screen. The 4 buttons at the bottom will draw a shape, which you can extend, rotate or reduce with the buttons at the top.

There are 4 buttons for the shapes, but you only need 3 of those. Ignore the bottom left button and you should be good to go.
Once you're done with the puzzle. Open the door to your right and leave.

You'll be out on the rooftop once again. You need to get to the eastern side of the map. You'll encounter 2 guards. Stealth killing one and shooting the other one should do the trick if you can't be bothered to do it stealthy.

The Party

You'll be in control of Deke. Your objective is to eavesdrop on people. After listening to a conversation, a red or green icon will appear, if it's green, it means you overheard important information; red means it wasn't useful.

You'll have to serve drinks to the guests with a red exclamation point above them. Every time you do this, the green bar on the bottom right side of the screen will rise. If the gause is empty, you'll lose.

The first green icon you'll get by overhearing the people near the bottom right display case. Next, go to the bottom left side of the screen and listen to the 4 people looking at the painting on the wall. Head to the display case at the center of the room and listen to people near it. To your left, there are two groups of people you can eavesdrop on near the white panels. The final and last group is located at the top right side of the room.

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