Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna

Spirit World

FAQ written by Zoska


As straight-forward as possible. Follow the blood trails, if you go too far from the blood trails, you'll respawn at the beginning. Eventually you'll arrive at another ice field, kill the zombies here and follow the next blood trail. At some point, it will split into two blood trails.
Bonus Totem #26
At the split, follow the blood trail south.
To advance on the story, follow the blood trail east and you'll reach yet another ice field.
Bonus Totem #27
A bit on the east side, near the big bone.
This part can be a little tricky, many zombies will come at you. Reach a favourable position, deploy Glas' turrets, and don't forget to use Aliqtalik's skill #2 in her bear form, it will hit the target and she'll regain health. Once you're done, follow the blood trail from the east side.

You'll get to an ice field with zombies that will revive every time you kill them unless you destroy the tombstones. Destroy them using Glas' grenades. Loot the corpses for grenades if you don't have any. Go west to trigger a cutscene.


This stage can be confusing. It's divided into three maps that look almost exactly the same. Go until you see some geysers and ride the first one. It'll take you to a different level. Go to the end and interact with the door icon, you'll be teleported again.
Bonus Totem #28
In the first level you'll see a Medkit at the center of the map. You can't get there from the first level. You need to go to the other levels, where the entrance isn't blocked and take the geyser in there until you're in the right level.
Do not take any geysers here. Keep going forward and interact with the switch. Take the geyser next to the switch, you'll be in front of the door you just opened. Go through the door you opened and ride the geyser, but before you do...
Bonus Totem #29
Slightly west of the geyser.
Go all the way down and use the "door".Now go interact with the second switch and take two geysers. Go back all the way west to the beginning and use the door. Take the geyser, then go south and prepare for the boss fight. Don't forget to pick up the Medkit on the way.
Evil Zeke
This is a tough one, you're gonna have to be rolling the entire fight, make sure to get to the whirlwinds before Evil Zeke, this will let you use your missiles and flamethrower, which will deal a lot of damage.


Here you have to avoid Rain. You will lose if you step into her field of vision or try to kill her. Follow the way west, use the cement blocks to hide if she's looking your way.
Bonus Totem #30
Ah, finally your last totem! You're gonna have to take a little detour. Go west towards the light panels instead of going south. Reach the end of the way and you'll find your last totem. Good work!
You have to go south a little bit and then all the way west until you reach a wall and a bridge next to it. Cross the bridge and take note of Rain's location. The blue lights on the gates will appear and disappear, you can't go through the gates while the light is there.

Eventually you'll reach what it seems like a dead end with a cliff. You can actually step on this void, just use the reflection to your left to know where to step on.

Go all the way south until your only choice is to go west. You will then reach an intersection and you can choose any of the paths to go through. You'll see Rain walking towards. You just have to stay at the end of the way and a cutscene will be triggered.


There is no point in telling you what happens; I'll just tell you how to get these!

After a few cutscenes, you will have to make a decision:
  • Good Ending - Choose Hana (you will have to fight Atiqtalik).
  • Bad Ending - Choose Glass (you will have to fight Sedna).
  • End of the world kind of bad ending - Don't do anything.

Final Notes

That's it, folks! We hope you enjoyed this guide and that it was helpful. As always, you can use our contact info if you have any doubts or anything.

Copyright 2018 Jonathan Escobedo and Sophie Bayles

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