Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna


FAQ written by Zoska

Upper Deck

Another straight-forward level, just go all the way south until you get to the end.
Bonus Totem #18
South of a red container and next to a Medkit.
NOTE: You need to enter the red container from near to its south end.
Continue your way south until you get to the door. You'll find a document in the first room and...
Bonus Totem #19
In the second cabin, to the right of the nighstand.

Lower Deck

Use the first switch to drain the water. Cross the bridge and use the next switch to unlock a door. Go back and down the stairs to open the door. Climb up the stairs to the right and use the switch there. Cross the bridge, use the switch and then finally the switch at the end to unlock the gate. Go back back and enter gate.
Fairly easy battle, just get Rain to taser it and obliterate it with Deke's flamethrower. It'll try and heal itself when it's low on health, but the flamethrower should drain its health faster.
Leave the tank and grab the Medkit left of the exit. Make your way north to the left side and use a switch that will drain the water.
Bonus Totem #20
Hidden on the right side of the switch.
A bridge will show up behind you, use it and go back to the entrance and now go all the way north on the right side. Use the switch, the water will go up and a new bridge will appear, cross the bridge, use the switch and unlock the final door. Go back, but don't forget to drain the water again.
The Captain of the Ship
This one looks hard, but it isn't. Use tactical to pause to trigger a Synergy by using Rain's Taser and Deke's missiles. This will paralyse the boss for a few seconds and deal a great amount of damage.

Its attacks are very predictable. The tentacles will shoot water from below and the other attack shoots a beam of light through the holes. Keep shooting and using Synergy to end it fast.
Loot the Captain's corpse for a key and make your way up the stairs, but before you do that...
Bonus Totem #21
Within the glass walls.
You'll be now in control of Glas, who's chained to a wall. Hit the light switch to your left. Search the drawer to your right to find a fork. Use that instrument of mass destruction to liberate yourself from those chains. Look for a drawer at the bottom to find an empty can. Fill up the can with water to your right and go to the northeast side of the room to interact with a wooden box. Use the key you just found to open the closet to your left.

You now have to find the password for the safe, you can skip this part if you wanna find it yourself, or read if you're interested in how to find the password. Below the panel, there's a sign that reads "Sedna IV" and there's an arrow under the S. Looking around you'll find a poster of a compass, and under the S of the south, there's the same arrow on Sedna. 180° is the South cardinal point, plus the 4 from "Sedna IV", that makes 1804.

You have to break the bottle you just found, but doing it next to the door will make too much noise and a guard will show up and hit you, and that's game over! Break it on southeast side of the room. Then get the near the board on the wall and a new puzzle will begin.

PUZZLE - Hack the handcuffs
You have to rotate the buttons to connect all the lines with the core, but every time you move a button, another one moves as well.

Rotate the bottom right button once, the top left button until the line lights up and then the bottom right button once more. It should look something like this:

IMAGE HERE... hi zoska....

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