Fear Effect Sedna

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Fear Effect Sedna

The Ambassador

FAQ written by Zoska

Head down towards a chair near the elevator and hide on it. Watch the cutscene and follow the ambassador.

Remain in Stealth Mode until the ambassador enters a room that will close automatically after the ambassador. Hana will comment about Deke mentioning server machines.

The servers are in the room to your right, but you have to go through the room northwest of where you're standing. Go in stealth mode, keeping tabs on the guards' field of vision. Go through the first entrance and wait until some of the guards leave from west side. At this point you should see only guard left in the room, sneak kill him. You'll see a Medkit on a desk right as you're entering the next room. A guard patrols this area. Pick up the Medkit and kill the remaining guard. Make it all the way down and you'll see a green screen you can interact with.


This one's a little tricky. You need to find a password. For a few seconds you'll see the two groups of rectangles lighting up and showing 4 letters each group. Above the letters it reads "boot priority". Just like in the bomb puzzle, you'll have to look around for clues.


Look around the room you're in and you'll notice that the rectangles correspond with the placement of the server machines. These have numbers above them and two of them are red.

The server machines order:

1 3

2 4

The rectangles order:



This means C = 1, G = 2, so on and so forth. You'll get two extra numbers, remove the out of order servers and you get 481376
As soon as the cutscene is over, you'll be ambushed by 4 gunners. The trick here is to abuse the tactical pause. There is nowhere to hide, besides behind the desk you're at currently. As soon as you gain control of your characters, press Space and take a moment to think. You have 2 gunners coming from the left. One of them will always try to hide behind the desk on the left side. Use the tactical pause and order both Hana and Axel to shoot at the gunner going towards that desk, kill the one coming from the left side, too, since that one will try to take position in that desk as well. Remember to keep pausing until you can kill the remaining 2.
Bonus Totem #4
At the northeast corner of the kitchen, there's a hidden Totem. You won't be able to see it, so just hit F until you pick it up.
Head down towards the other room, but grab that Medkit on the boxes to the right. Take both your characters to take cover, at the bottom corridor. Sneak killing everyone here can be a tedious task and it should be relatively easy to kill everyone by taking cover here. Just make sure to use tactical pause here; the first wave will only be 6 guards, after that the rest will go on alert mode and go back to patrolling normally after a while. Killing these 6 guards is the fastest way to finish this stage, the rest are easier to kill in stealth mode. Don't forget to loot the bodies.

The Rooftop - Part 2

Move around on stealth mode here, you'll see huge fields of vision. These are drones that will attack you on sight, they go down pretty fast, and there's no way to avoid them, meaning you should try and shoot at them first.
Bonus Totem #5
After taking down the drones on the first area, go all the way west and next to the tower, you'll find the totem.
Once you've cleared the area and grabbed the #5 totem, go up to the next area and grab the Medkit on the box to the left. You will have to go all the way north, west and south back to where you started this stage. As soon as you kill the two guards on the last part of the map, a cutscene will trigger.

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