Flight of the Amazon Queen


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Flight of the Amazon Queen


Joe King

Joe is the guy with the deep voice and the hero of the adventure Flight of The Amazon Queen!
Joe is captain of the Amazon Queen, a little old and rusty, but cute and flyable plane, with which he delivers parcels and passengers safely to their destination. He is always accompanied by his mechanic Sparky.
Joe has a girl in every harbour and knows how to treat women, especially Rita, Big Hugh's girlfriend.


Sparky is Joes nearly puberal mechanic on the Amazon Queen, the plane they both earn their living with by bringing freight or persons from A to B, and sometimes C.
Sparky likes Commander Rocket Comics and would love to read them all day long instead of working or so. Other people have this habbit with videoames...


Anderson ist Joes rival in the flight business. The stupid dutchman wants to steal Joe's flight for Faye Russel and for this he locks Joe up in a hotelroom. Joe shall have his revenge on him. Later, Anderson turns out to be not that big of a moron.

Faye Russel

Faye is a moviestar. She is Joe's favourite actress and he's very honored to take her with him on the Amazon Queen.
Only a stupid dutchman called Anderson (is a dutchman really called Anderson?) has something against that and wants to take Faye with his Flying Dutchman Airlines.


A little strange brown gorilla that can be found in the jungle. But he's very good on the insight.
Well, you always force him to disappear.

Trader Bob

Trade Bob has his own 24h shop and an authentic Pygmee village somewhere in the amazon jungle.
He has all the goods you want to have in the jungle.

Jimi and Mary Lou

They both are the preachers in the jungle. Jimi more than Mary-Lou. Jimi is also interested in raising and studying the apes.
Marylou instead like to talk bad about her husband and caring about her fingernails.

Dr. Ironstein

Dr. Frank Ironstein is the crazy villain in this adventure and has nothing to do with Frankenstein, even though his name sounds like it...
It's your and Joe Kings duty to stop his evil plans of taking over the world by the use of his dino-ray. Sounds like a good start into an exciting adventure, right?

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