Flight of the Amazon Queen


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Flight of the Amazon Queen


The Gamescreen

Well, the upper part of the screen is the actual gamescreen, here you see all the action happening, just like in a movie, you see what Joe is doing, or what else is happening. In the lower quarter of the screen there are the buttons you can use to influence what's happening in the game.

On the left there are the actionbuttons and on the right is your inventory.


The actionbuttons are as follows:
  • Open
  • Close
  • Move
  • Give
  • Look at
  • Take
  • Talk to
  • Use

    after this there is your
  • Inventory
    Once you collected more than 4 items you have to scroll through your inventory by using the arrow buttons.

You have to use your mouse to click on a action button to build little sentences that Joe will perform then. For example, you can tell Joe to pull the curtain in the back of the hotelroom open. And this is how you make it work:

    Click on the "Move" action button. Then click on the Curtain cord.

   Joe pulls the cord and the curtains open.

You can also build sentence with the items in your inventory, e.g.:

   Use sheet-rope on radiator.

Then Joe will think of a way he can use these two things together.

The Options Menu

To get acces to the options menu you just push F5.
The whole menu looks like a diary, Joe's Diary.


On the left side of the menu there are the points of interest in the menu:
  • Read Entry
    load a saved game!
  • Make Entry
    you can save your Game here! you can make up to 100 diary entries! This should be enough, even for you.
  • Close
    You close the options menu with this button!
  • Give up
    End your actual game!
    The Game will ask you if you are serious before shutting down.

you can do a lot of other things in the options menu, such as:
  • Shut down the Talkieversion of the Game Flight of the Amazon Queen.
  • Turn off the soundfx!
  • Turn on/off the shown dialog screens
  • regulate the speed of these shown dialogs
  • turn on/off the groovy muzak
  • regulate the volume of this groovy muzak!

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