Flight of the Amazon Queen


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Part 2 - Crashed in the Jungle

Flight of the Amazon Queen


Now your plane gets struck by lightning in a tropical rainstorm and and finally crashes and suddenly you are stuck in the jungle. At least there is no rain anymore. Not that exactly that rain caused your crash and now the rain is gone anyways... well, let's see how this progresses...

Miss Faye Russel gets mad at you and just knows you are responsible for the rainstorm and everything else. And meanwhile an amazonian woman watches what happens from the distance.

Inside the crashed plane

Open the dufflebag and look inside to get a knive and a lighter.
Then ask Sparky about some supplies and take some beef jerky.
And finally look at the seats to get a wet coupon from a Commander Rocket Comic.
Now leave the plane.

Outside the crashed Plane

Walk out of the hatch and look at that. There are some piranhas. Feed the piranhas with the beefjerky.
Pick up the propeller. The lilly is way too immobile, so use the knive on the lilly stem to cut it loose.
And now you should use the propeller on the lilly to use as a paddle and finally reach solid ground again.

Solid Ground

Go to north east out of this screen and let the parrot tell you a cryptic message! What was this all about? Let's ask Trader Bob! Later...
Use the knive on the vine that swings around there and take it with you.
Then go south (back to the crashsite) and then southwest to reach the hangingbridge.


The hanging bridge seems broken. So use the cut off vine on the support rope of the wooden bridge to repair it. Then pick up the banana on the other side of the bridge. You'll need it soon enough.


Now go back to where the Parrot was and follow the path. And suddenly there is a gorilla blocking your way. Just introduce yourself. Tell him, you don't speak his language (hope he doesn't make you a sandwich). Ask him if he's a Gorilla. Tell him that there are no Gorillas in South America, just in Africa. So tell him, he's in South America actually, and is not supposed to be here.
He will accept your complaint at once and then disappear.
Now go to the pinnacle you can see in the background.

Faye is fed up from waiting and goes searching for help on her own.

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