Flight of the Amazon Queen


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Part 1 - Civilization

Flight of the Amazon Queen

Escape from the hotel

Inside the Hotel

Use the curtain Cord and pick up the wig.
Look at the box.
Pick up the two sheets above the laundry chute. Tie them together and then tie them to the radiator.
Now you can use this rope to get down through the laundry chute.

Downstairs in the Hotel

Here you need the comedy breasts out of that huge cupboard. To get them, just move the ladder.
Once you moved the ladder, you can take the breasts with you.
Now to the important part. Take a crowbar with you. The crowbars are on top of the cupboard.
Now walk up the stairs to get one floor higher.

Hotel Lobby

Don't let the two strange looking guys see you.
Try to take the key. Ask the bellboy about the key and tell him you want it.
Ask him again and say you are a friend of Lola.
Pick up the key.

Now get back up to the room you were locked in.
Use the crowbar to open the chest and look at the chest. You receive a towel for this.

After you are armed with your deadly towel go down one floor and enter the red door in the basement. Of course you unlock it with the key before you enter.

Inside Lola's dressing room

Ask Lola for help.
Get back to Lola and give her the Towel.
So, now we have a pretty devent disguise? Use the dress and get out of here!

The crazy Doctor transforms an amazonian woman into a dinolady.
He wants to gain power over the whole world with his dinoray.
And now we know the villain of this story already!

So finally it is time to get out of the hotel and drive to the airport. Sneak past the two dumb guys to reach Sparky's truck
Damned! Followed!

On Sparkys Transporter

Change clothes and look under the hay. Pick up the oil and use it on Rico. Now to the airport.


Beat up the dutchman and get in the plane.

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