Flight of the Amazon Queen


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Part 2 - Crashed in the Jungle

Flight of the Amazon Queen

Floda Inc

Finally we go back to that notorious Lederhosen Company right in the Amazonian Jungle!

Talk to the fat Lady at the reception, and ask her what her firm is doing in the jungle and convince her that you are the fumigator.


Leave to the right side into the kitchen and tell the Chef, that you are the fumigator. Ask him what he's doing and if he already had success with cooking the food for the Doctor. So then give him the Banana.
After he has left steal the Cheeze Bitz and the dog food, that is under the cooking pot. Look at the dog food.

Go on to the right.
Open the postbag and look inside. Read the letter you receive. One of the lockers can be opened, so open it and take the squeeze toy. Go back to the reception.


Go to the other room in the back, to which you haven't been to yet. It's the library. Look at the couch and get some money. Use the record you got from Trader Bob on the record player. Wohah a secret passage. Using the elevator music record to open the door to the elevator, well, this puzzle is even worse than the gorilla one, that was rather funny instead.
Use the elevator.

Below Floda Inc.

Enter the door on the left, search for the one box and open it. You get a can opener (for lefthanded people).

Go back to the hallway and go down.

Hallway with Private John

Talk to Private John and tell him, that you have a letter for him (if you already have read it, if not, read it and give it to him).
He starts crying and now you can enter every door on the floor private John was guarding.
At first enter the door in the front. Read the duty plan.
Now go back to the hallway with the wimp and enter the other door.
Read all the memos. Do this as long as you need to read all 4 different versions of the memos.
Now examine the cupboard at the wall. Move it away and look at the safe.

Go back to the hallway with the lift and go to the right when you're in front of the lift.

Fire exit hallway

Walk to the door on the left side.
Talk to Henry and tell him that he is needed in the kitchen. Colonel Jackson is in charge today. So tell him this too!

Now read the messages on the message board until you read the special menu of the chef.
After you have read that leave this room to the left side.

The dino is running through the maze and Dr. Ironstein is happy with it. Oh, no, what is that? That creep Anderson is doing business with Dr. Ironstein! That just had to happen too.

Have you seen that map on the wall?
Take the book on the table with you. Use your knife with the book to get the key that is inside the book.

Go back to the fire exit and enter the fire exit.

Fire exit

There isn't much you can do in here, so take the serum with you.
Then just use the stairs.

Azura's Prison

Talk with Azura about Wedgewood, the parrot! Talk about everything you can actually talk to her.
So this cute girl behind bars wants you to free her by finding the key. Hah, we just found the key to Azura's prison door in the Doctor's book you just opened with the knife.

Joe loves Azura!!!


Uh, oh, the Alarm went off, so do something! But what can you do? Just use the puppets that are standing there.

After the guard has passed and is searching for you two outside, ask Azura if she remembers the code the guard just used. Of course she does. Now you can enter the code by using the panel.

So go back inside the building and get the pencil that's left on the desk. Go into the library and use the elevator to get back down under Floda.

Below Floda

Open the can of dog food (with the can opener of course) and pour the serum on it. Then go and look for Klunk. Klunk is the guard with the muscles. Give him the prepared dog food and then talk to him. Ask him if he thinks he's a great guy, and then doubt it with your next sentence already.

Now go into the room that Klunk was guarding and look at the piece of paper on the desk. Use the pencil on the piece of paper and voila, the combination for the safe is visible. Now go to the safe.
Use the piece of paper with the safe and open the safe. Look inside!
You get another piece of paper and a key.

Now get out of here.

In front of Floda

Give the squeezing toy to the dog so that you can get past the guarddog. Enter the shack.

Surprise, the small shack is really big on the inside...
Use the key out of the safe on the top secret box and open this box. Whohah, a Jetpack!

Go back into the jungle and to the Amazon's palace

Amazon's Palace

Enter the throne room and receive the dinohorn.

You get the horn from Azura, and what is this? Dr. Ironstein is also here and sends you out to get a weird skull from an even weirder island!

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