Flight of the Amazon Queen


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Part 2 - Crashed in the Jungle

Flight of the Amazon Queen

People in the jungle

Trader Bob

All the gibberish talking Pygmies are not interesting at the moment, so let them be and get inside to finally reach Trader Bob.
Talk to him about the Parrot and Princess Azura!
Then talk to Naomi about the Barber Chair, and her Date with Trader Bob. Then ask her, why she's so nervous about it.
So she explains that Wedgewood, the Parrot, drank her perfume she wanted to wear on her date and that is why she's so nervous about the date, but she will trade some items with you if you give her a replacement for her lost perfume. So now we have something to do.
Ask Naomi why her english is so good. And then ask her where to find the missionaries she learned it from.
Give Trader Bob some of your Beef Jerky and he will give you money for it. And with that money, you can buy the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is always handy when you are in a dirty jungle.

In a bunker deep underground.

Dr. Ironstein is going even more crazy and wants to transform even more Amazonian women with his dinoray. *poor Naomi*
Someone should stop him. Hey, what about you???!!!!

Floda Inc.

At Flodas, the lederhosen company inside the Jungle, you take the flower from the front yard with you.
You cannot do anything else that is useful here at the moment so get back to the pinnacle.


Head north until you meet Bud and Skip, the two Explorers in the Amazonian Jungle.

Talk to Skip and ask him which comic books he's reading. Tell him, that Sparky also is a huge Commander Rocket Fan and owns all issues except the one where Commander Rocket battles the Mob.
What a happy little coincident, Skip is actually reading exactly this issue! And the best thing about all this is, he'll give it to you for Sparky. Well, Sparky will be happy! But before even handing it to Sparky you should take a look at the comic book. There is a coupon dropping out. Look at this coupon too and you'll find out it's a blueprint!

Talk to Bud and tell him it's very hot!
So you learn he's got a rash and need a rash cure! Let's see what we can do about this...

Continue on your path in this part of the jungle until you reach the fish and the beetle. Look at the beetle!

Go on east from there and you'll run into the gorilla again. So you job is to convince the gorilla that you don't believe him being a dinosaur so he takes off his costume half.
Ask him if he'll disappear again, if you tell him he doesn't exist, and so you say exactly this and so it happens. Again :)

So, walk South to Jimi und Mary-Lou.

Jimi und Mary-Lou

Talk to Mary-Lou about her husband training the Apes and if he had been successful already! It's also interesting how clever the apes are.

Talk to Jimi about everything that you can talk about with him.

You see that Ape with the Coconut? Give him your Banana and he will give you his Coconut in exchange.

Behind the hollow log

Walk back to where the dinogorilla once was and walk through that hollow log. This sounds poetic, doesn't it? You see an Orchid with lots of wasps swarming around it. Use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the wasps and pick up the Orchid.

Walk on to the east to reach the entrance to the Temple. Look at the signs at the door, uuuh, an Amazonian woman is coming, wait until she has passed and do exactly what she did.
Hey, what are you doing? I said do exactly like her, not get trapped, ah, whatever you will wake up in the amazonian dungeon

Amazonian Dungeon

Talk to that Guy with the two puppets on his hands and who's babbeling lots of weird stuff. And after only half an argument he has a present for you, the puppet with the stick. And there comes Faye.

You can talk to Faye and find out a lot about the Amazonian women, but the point of this chitchat is that you must apologize to Faye for all and everything, hmmmmmmpf women

Get out of your cell.

Faye and the other Amazonian women want you to do something that you already intended to do. Well, I hope this was your intention all the way... they want you to rescue Princess Azura who was abducted. The Amazonians suspect the people at Floda, to have kidnapped Azura.

In front of the Amazonian bunker

So, let's get out of here, well, you can actually talk to that wet hot Amazonian chick under the shower, and then leave.
Leave to the left, to the right you get back into the dungeon.
So go to the pinnacle and then to the crash site to meet Sparky again.

Crash Site

So Faye is gone. Give the Commander Rocket comic book to Sparky and get a rasp for it. That's quite a deal.

Jimi und MaryLou

Go to Mary Lou and talk with her about the Pygmy people and how she was able to talk to them and understand them.
So swap your new rasp for an English - Pygmy Dictionary.

Trader Bob

Back at the Trader!
Now you can talk to the Pygmee, because now you have the Dictionary.
Talk to the guy in the barber chair and soon you find out, that he is the chief of the village. Talk to him about the gods and the article in National Geographics.

Now talk to that witchdoctor in front of Bob's shack. Ask her if she can brew potions. Of course she can, she's a witchdoctor. Now she tells you what she needs for the potion. She need the hair of a slow crouching animal, milk from a holy place and something to add a little buzz.

Okay, now we go to Trader Bobs'!
Give the orchid out of the jungle to Bob. He will give it to Naomi on their date and you can take one of his nets.

Crash Site.

Use Bob's net to get the perfume out of the water.
Also don't forget to check back to the hanging bridge to get another banana.

Trader Bob

Give the Perfume to Naomi and you will get her scissors for this.


Take the other entrance and go to the sloth. Use the Flower you picked up at Flodas on the sloth to make it move.

Sparky, Joe, boredom, :)

cut the sloth's hair with the scissors.

Continue on your way to the fish and the bug and catch the bug with the net you just got from Trader Bob.

Trader Bob

Use the knive on the coconut. Give the coconut halves to the witchdoc, do the same with the sloth's hair and the vacuum cleaner.

You get a rash cure and of course you now go back into the jungle.


Go and visit Bud and Skip again! Now you can give the lotion to Bud. You get loads of money from him, because he's so happy.

And where else can you spend your money better in this jungle than at Trader Bob's? Right, nowhere, so let's go back.

Trader Bob

Buy the record that's on the shelf.

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