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Chapter 1 - Demo



So we get to the stairs in the green district and finally go up the stairs again. Brix is happy to meet Rusty again and shows him his bottling machine. And look at that, one of the lost sparks found its way into one of Brix' bottles. And it would be too easy to just go there and grab that spark so Brix won't let us even touch the Bottle. That means, as long as he sees us doing it he keeps us from touching the bottle... look how the spark lights up when it is close to Rusty and the Gauntlets.
We don't have such nice things on our mind and go back to the cave where Rusty woke up not long ago. We use the Brittle Schematic to make the winerack really old. And as if this wasn't enough we use the Resonance Schematic to shake the wine bottles really well and make the whole rack collapse. The good wine! And Brix is as shocked as we are, so Rusty can finally grab the green spark. Or let's rather say, the spark grabs him. This gives us new lines on the grid.

Now we can use more Schematics.
Let's test this on the old lady in the blue district of the miner's town. If you haven't turned all the canary cages into old cages covered with rust already, now is the time to do so. Then get up to the Lady and cast the Brittle Schematic backwards and mirrored on her to make her young again. Draw the reverse Schematic with a blue line by keeping the right mouse button pressed while drawing it mirrored on the grid.
The lady is happy again and sings along with her beloved canary bird. But as every action must have a reaction the mole doesn't like her singing and breaks free and flees. And it also threatens the princess, so our heroic Rusty has to save princess Sperling too.

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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