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Chapter 1 - Demo


Fight the Mole

To rescue Princess Sterling we don't have to go to the throne room, but rather to the greenhouse in the Green District. So get there now.
To lure the mole into the greenhouse you listen to the advice one of the guards sure gave you, so you use a special frequency to attract the mole. You do this by casting the Resonance Schematic onto the grass in the greenhouse. The resulting vibration really lures the mole here. And as the mole stands there and snarls around threatening we want to fix him in place at first and do this by Bending the fence around him to trap the mole in a small cage. He won't get out of there anytime soon, but the danger is not gone yet. With the Resonance Schematic we vibrate the crystal fruit above his head so much that it drops down onto the mole. As soon as the mole is hit by the crystal fruit it crystalizes and is defeated. Yay!

After King Emery's speach Rusty just wants to get back to the surface. Enter the Red Disctrict again and look at this, the tracks are free from the debris. Only one of the tracks is rusted and bent, but with the mirrored Rust Schematic and afterwards the Bending Schematic this is no problem for Rusty. Nothing can stop us now from leaving the underground town of the miners and leave towards the end of the first chapter of Forge...

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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