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Chapter 1 - Demo


Guild of the Miners

From the overview map you go all the way to the left to the red district (no, not the red light disctrict, this is a fantasy adventure game, but not Game of Thrones!). Here you meet 2 miners that have their problems with a dropped down stalactite. So let's help them.
Now is the time to finally make good use of your first Schematic. To do so just draw the Resonance Schematic onto the stalactite and the vibration will destroy it. And this has the nice sideeffect, that the miners now want to help you too and make the guards let you pass past them and allow you to step up the stairs. But this is not enough for us. Before we leave we take a look at the bent railroad track here. We can now see the Schematic for Bending.

And armed with this new Schematic we go back to the stairs in the green district, greet the guards but don't get up the stairs yet. We rather go back to the blue district. Here we want to visit the old lady on her balcony. But she sleeps, so she won't be able to open the door for us. So we have to use other measures to get to her by using the Bending Schematic, we just learned, on the railing of her balcony. This forms a ladder we can use to climb up to her. When talking to her we learn that she is and feels very old. This shows us the Brittle Schematic.

And she also tells us, that she really liked the canaries singing, but since the canary cages were covered in gold the canaries stopped singing. So we know what to do, we just let the 3 canary cages rust with the Rust Schematic and the canaries sing for her again. But she cannot enjoy it yet, we have to get back to Brix first to help her.

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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) Viktor      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-04-22 23:40:24

Nice. But I'm stuck... Is it a bug? If you use rust on the fence in front of the old lady's house and try to make ladder later from the fence, it is not possible. I think I tried the undo spell for rust on the fence but it wasn't working.
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-04-24 23:02:48

Then you probably failed with the unrusting schematic. Rusting, then unrusting, then bending the old lady's railing works perfectly fine for me.
Unrusting is done with the right mousebutton (not the left mousebutton as usual), starting in the topright corner of the gauntlets grid and then mirroring the rusting schematic.

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