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Chapter 1 - Demo


Professor Penumbra

After telling his story to Penumbra, he sends Rusty to sleep. But Rusty cannot sleep immediately after all he went through that day, so click around and examine everything you see until Rusty yawns. Now you can go to bed to start a brand new day.

Penumbra worked through the night and studied the Gauntlets Rusty gained from the netherworld and also found 3 of the lost Sparks. And now he wants you to examine this cage. Do so. You will see your very first schematic.

Penumbra will explain to you how to use the Gauntlets and the Schematics by drawing Schematics with the left mouse button pressed. And then we can finally start the game!
Please note, that it is possible to cast a Schematic the other way around too. That means with the opposite effect. To do so you have to draw the Schematic mirrored onto the grid while pressing the right mousebutton. You can see that a blue line also indicates this opposite effect.
At first take a look around Professor Penumbra's house. He has a tuning fork standing around for his resonance experiment. This gives you yet another Schematic, this time for Resonance.

As you can see you cannot draw this Schematic backwards as there are lines in the grid missing that make it impossible to do so at the moment. After finding more sparks you get additional connection lines on your grid that make it possible to draw more Schematics.
And after finding this Schematic it is time to leave Professor Penumbra for now. Leave the blue distric to the left to see the overview map.

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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