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Chapter 1 - Demo


Stainless Haven Other Side

Rusty floats around in the netherword on the other side of the patterns of the reality, just like Bobbin once did. Here you will meet a Ghost that doesn't talk all that much and you will also find the swanlake where all the swans from Loom gather, but Rusty is only interested in his own guild, the Guild of the Blacksmiths. And they have their own place in the afterworld.
This place is called Stainless Haven and only dead members of the guild of blacksmiths are allowed to enter.
Hephaestus welcomes you once you reach the Stainless Haven. A few statues appear and you have to look at them all like watching a movie of the life of another person. All these statues are references to things that happened in Loom or eventually will happen in the complete game Forge. After examining the statues talk to Hephaestus again and more unpleasant events will unfold. A bookbinder gets stabbed by a dead one and the ghost leaves through a hole in the pattern of reality.
So you should follow the ghost back to the realm of the living.

After Bobbin revived Rusty he just sees the Forge, which is only a heap of black smoke by now, disappear to an unknown location (Rusty doesn't know that the Forge floats to Loom Island now). And Edgewise drops down from the Forge and lands in front of Rusty. Lethally injured he asks Rusty to check the small Tombstone for him. It's Tomb five. It's Rusty's great grandfather's tomb. And the tombs holds a secret that hopefully stops Chaos. The foreman's blood is the key to the safe. What a lucky coincidence that Rusty is the foreman's son.
And because his blood is also the foremans blood it is good enough to just sting his finger on the thorns around here and drip some blood onto the tomb. And so an epitaph appears.

Set your heart for the Third Shade
When the sun is falling down
And as the fire is burning bright
Strike the anvil with all your might

Bind your soul within the blade
Forge your shield, without a frown
Let the sparks fill all your sight
Inure your will, engage the fight

You probably guessed it already, a puzzle is what follows up. The first real puzzle within the game and already one of the hardest (at least in the hard and standard difficulty). You can totally forget the first and the last 2 lines and have to somehow work out how the rest of the lines relate to the epitaphs on the tombs. In the end you come to the conclusion to activate the tombs in the following order (doesn't matter if Practise, Standard or Expert difficulty):

3 - 6 - 4 - 1 - 8

This gives Rusty his gauntlets that will accompany him for the rest of the game and also tie in to the intro of the game. Rusty gets struck by lightning and falls into the hole in the ground.

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