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Chapter 1 - Demo


Under Ground

After Rusty got struck by lightning and fell deep into the ground we find ourself in a rather uncomfy bed inside the Guild of the Vintners.

Take a look around and examine your surroundings. Then finally put on the clothes on the barrels to not wander around in the rags your clothes became from the fall. Once you have seen enough in here (and since you can't drink the wine) leave this cave bedroom.
Around the grapevines and the distillery you will find Brix, the vintner. He took care of you after you fell into the hole in the ground. But he can't help you reach the surface again because the path has collapsed. So he advises you to talk to the Magnates from the Guild of the Miners. They have tunnels back to the surface.
So we want to find these Magnates now, to do so, walk over the bridge over the lava river and approach the huge stairs. Later you can access all the different colored regions directly from this overview map, but right now you won't be able to proceed any further than down the stairs.

Without having done anything evil or even remotely resembling a crime you are taken prisoner by the guards at the bottom of the huge stairs and taken to Lord Emery to receive your sentence. Well, at least you made it to the Magnate you wanted to see. But this head of the guild of miners is pretty bored and not that happy to speak another sentence.
If you don't understand what Rusty is talking about when explaining the situation to Lord Emery then be told, these are all things that happened in Loom (which you really should play...). But Lord Emery doesn't believe you anyways and thinks you are a kid that did misbehave and sends you home. Luckily Professor Penumbra takes care of you and Rusty tells him what happened to him after Loom ended (and after Bobbin kind of killed him).

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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