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Level 1

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hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi

hurrican navihurrican navi

Enemies Level 1

walker The walker always walks into one direction until he hits a wall, then he turns around. He attacs you by shooting at you. The walker is the only enemie that can be killed by jumping on his head. If he's alone he is harmless but if there are many of them they are a threat.
mücke The small armoured mosquito hatches out of the nest and can be killed with one shot. They can be as annoying as a mosquito in real life.
mückennest This is the nest the steel mosquitos hatch from. Shoot the nests as fast as possible. The laser is the most effective weapon for the nests, but it still takes some time to take 'em out with the laser.
piranha The yellow piranha is the mellow piranha of the two variations. This one just swims from one side to the other and nothing else.
piranha rot The red piranha is the aggresive one. Once he has seen you he follows you and bite on you. The best weapon against the piranhas is the spreadshot.
wasserwalker This waterenemie is mostly harmless. He just swims around and waits to be killed by you. Just do so.
spitter This is the form in which the spitter first appears. You can just shoot him when he's in the air.
spitter Once the spitter has landed he looks like this and shoot straight up in the air and follows you around rolling on the ground. To kill him you have to kneel.
pflanze This plant likes to spit at you on a regular basis with deadly fireballs. But these fireballs are slow and easy to avoid so take out the plant before it does some bad damage to you.
geschützturm This turret comes out slowly and shoots at you slowly. But for that he can take quite some hits before he's gone.
geschützturm The faster and more annoying turret. Most of the time it is placed on the edge of a platform. Try to get it with the bounce or the spreadshot without crossing it's firingway.
flugmgdrone The Flying MG can be a pain in the ass, especially because is has the annoying habbit to never appear alone. Once it got you in it's aim it will shoot at you with a batch of bullets. Better shoot it sooner than later.
spinnenbombe These small spiderbombs wait until they feel the time is right to jump at you and explode in your face. Shoot them as long as they are still far away, but watch out, they are good jumpers.
stachelkugel The Stingballs come in different sizes. Once you shoot them, they part into two smaller stingballs until they are too small to part anymore, then they are ready for the wasteyard.
The best antidot is rapidfire, for your own safety you should stand somewhere higher than the stingballs are and use the spreadshot or the allaroundbeam on the stingsballs until they are nothing more then just a nervoulys ticking heap of trash.

: The Ironfist :

The stylishest Retroenemy ever. Who doesn't shed a tear here hasn't played Turrican. Well, whatever, nevermind, just beat it!
It's not that hard to beat the ironfist. My tactic is to use laserrapidfire from one end of the screen and once the fist is above you just use the wheel to roll to the other side of the screen. Then from there just continue with continuous fire.
If the fist is disappearing to the top it will come back very fast, so watch out for it and roll away very fast, roll into one edge and just shoot again.
This should be done in no time.


You can find all the secrets of the first level on this map:

Karte Level 1

Thanks to CPC64 for the idea for the map, the rest is made by me.


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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