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Level 2

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hurrican navihurrican navi

Enemies Level 2

walker The wasp is flying in it's strange ways and once it's close to you it's bumps into you and sucks a bit of your health away. It's not that much of health, but fo that the wasp needs some more hits to be gone.
walker This stomping stone is waiting patiently until an adventurer tries to find his way under him. Then he drops down on the player and kills him with one hit. So you can't destroy the stone, so what do you do to fool the stone?
Once way is to use the wheel to roll under him. As a wheel you are faster than in normal mode and you will get it.
Another way is to jump into the smal corridor the stone uses to drop down and once you 'touched' the nothing underneath the stone you turn around and let the stone drop int nothing. Then youcan jump over the stone or you can run under it as long as it is pulling up again.
Nachtklavier has a third way of doing this, he says to throw a grenade against the stone and make him drop down this way. Most of the times there is a stompingstone there is another grenade afterwards or nearby.
walker This snail does nothing else than slowly crawling along it's way and shooting 3 blue dots. Just shoot this ugly creature.
walker The walker is also in this level and is still as always walking into one direction until he's hitting a wall, then he turns around. He attacs you by shooting at you. The walker is the only enemie that can be killed by jumping on his head. If he's alone he is harmless but if there are many of them they are a threat.
pflanze The small armoured mosquito hatches out of the nest and can be killed with one shot. They can be as annoying as a mosquito in real life.
pflanze This is the nest the steel mosquitos hatch from. Shoot the nests as fast as possible. The laser is the most effective weapon for the nests, but it still takes some time to take 'em out with the laser.
pflanze The yellow piranha is the mellow piranha of the two variations. This one just swims from one side to the other and nothing else.
piranha rot The red piranha is the aggresive one. Once he has seen you he follows you and bite on you. The best weapon against the piranhas is the spreadshot.
pflanze This turret comes out slowly and shoots at you slowly. But for that he can take quite some hits before he's gone.
pflanze These small spiderbombs wait until they feel the time is right to jump at you and explode in your face. Shoot them as long as they are still far away, but watch out, they are good jumpers.
pflanze The Stingballs come in different sizes. Once you shoot them, they part into two smaller stingballs until they are too small to part anymore, then they are ready for the wasteyard.
The best antidot is rapidfire, for your own safety you should stand somewhere higher than the stingballs are and use the spreadshot or the allaroundbeam on the stingsballs until they are nothing more then just a nervoulys ticking heap of trash.

: The Megapiranha :

To kill these huge fisbones is quite easy if you have a good powered allaround shot. Just stand 2-3 Hurricanwidths away from the left side of the screen and shoot the allaround shot against the lamp on his head. Sometimes some enemies are coming from the side of the screen, just kill them by turning the shot a bit farthere to their side. That's why it is called allaroundshot.
If the big fish is spitting out the smaller piranhas it is a piece of cake to kill them with the allaroundshot.

If you don't have a wellpowered allaroundshot you will have to jump and shoot a lot. And be aware, that the enemies appear from both sides of the screen.

: The Pharao :

Once he's coming he comes big! You should be fully charged as there are a lot of powerups before you reach the pharao's hideout.
Now stand on one of the pillars and shoot his eyes. Once he's coming at you jump on him and wait until he moves upwards. Then jump down and position yourself on the other pillar. Now repeat the procedure. Once ther are some stones falling from the ceiling avoid them, but not at all costs, say, don't step off the pillar.


You can find all the secrets of the first level on this map:

Karte Level 2

Thanks to CPC64 for the idea for the map, the rest is made by me.


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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