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Level 6

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hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi

hurrican navihurrican navi

Enemies Level 6

walker This flying enemie is very annoying and can withstand a lot of bullets. He asks for massive firepower.
walker The Watermines are only found at one place far up the tower. As soon as you walk by a mine the mine explodes and causes you harm. You can't shoot the mines but you can use the wheel to roll under them.
walker This mean dragon spits fire against you. The best thing to do is shoot it with the spreadshot from a place where you can hit him but he can't hit you.
walker The walker is also in this level and is still as always walking into one direction until he's hitting a wall, then he turns around. He attacs you by shooting at you. The walker is the only enemie that can be killed by jumping on his head. If he's alone he is harmless but if there are many of them they are a threat.
bremse The small armoured mosquito hatches out of the nest and can be killed with one shot. They can be as annoying as a mosquito in real life.
nest This is the nest the steel mosquitos hatch from. Shoot the nests as fast as possible. The laser is the most effective weapon for the nests, but it still takes some time to take 'em out with the laser.
pflanze This plant likes to spit at you on a regular basis with deadly fireballs. But these fireballs are slow and easy to avoid so take out the plant before it does some bad damage to you.
piranha The yellow piranha is the mellow piranha of the two variations. This one just swims from one side to the other and nothing else.
piranharrr Because there are no red Piranhas in this level this time the red one's bigger brother is around. This one likes to keep you under attack but is also easy to defeat.
spucker This is the form in which the spitter appears first. You can just shoot him when he's in the air.
spucker Once the spitter has landed he looks like this and shoots straight up in the air and follows you around rolling on the ground. To kill him you have to kneel.
baller This turret comes out slowly and shoots at you slowly. But for that he can take quite some hits before he's gone.
baller The faster and more annoying turret. Most of the time it is placed on the edge of a platform. Try to get it with the bounce or the spreadshot without crossing its firingway.
kaboom This Crablike enemie can be killed once it's trying to enter the screen by flying in. Once it's inside the screen and recognised this it's harder to take down the crab. Oh crab!
piekser The Stingballs come in different sizes. Once you shoot them, they part into two smaller stingballs until they are too small to part anymore, then they are ready for the wasteyard. The best antidot is rapidfire, for your own safety you should stand somewhere higher than the stingballs are and use the spreadshot or the allaroundbeam on the stingsballs until they are nothing more then just a nervoulys ticking heap of trash.

: The Ufo :

This Boss is an optional fight, you can either face the Ufo or give a damned about the 1up you get for defeating the ufo.

You fight the Ufo just like the first Boss in Hurrican (the iron fist) by rolling around a lot and always jumping up on the other side and shooting from there. This time there are more rockets and bullets to dodge but the tek is quite the same.

: The Dragon :

You need a lot of patience to get on by with the dragon. Once he started his flameattack shoot at him and step away from the flames. When he's shooting the rocket wait a moment, then roll away and shoot as long as there are no more rockets in the air.
When he's standing still and is only partially visible shoot at him like crazy. He then will attack you with his head, so roll away and shoot at the head as long as it's down. Repeat this until the dragon is history.


You can find all the secrets of the first level on this map:

Karte Level 6


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