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Level 7

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Enemies Level 7

walker The normal walker is not found in this level but another species is around. The time the walker wears skies and is more of a skier than a walker. If you jump on his head he accelerates immediately.
walker You can't destroy this enemy but it appears rarely in this level so you will get used to jumping over it.
walker Watch out for this big icicle. It is hovering above your head and drops down on you. The icicle always looks the same so memorize it and watch out for it.
walker If you are standing under this drone watch out for its lasers. It is gone after some hits.
walker The lasercannon also likes to shoot good aimed plasmaballs. You can count on it to shoot there, where you are standing at the time it fires the plasmaballs and it has a high firing rate.
walker This mean dragon spits fire against you. The best thing to do is shoot it with the spreadshot from a place where you can hit him but he can't hit you.
pflanze The small armoured mosquito hatches out of the nest and can be killed with one shot. They can be as annoying as a mosquito in real life.
pflanze The yellow piranha is the mellow piranha of the two variations. This one just swims from one side to the other and nothing else.
walker Because there are no red Piranhas in this level this time the red one's bigger brother is around. This one likes to keep you under attack but is also easy to defeat.
pflanze This plant likes to spit at you on a regular basis with deadly fireballs. But these fireballs are slow and easy to avoid so take out the plant before it does some bad damage to you.

: the Snowbomber :

You have to face this three times. You can't kill him with normal firepower or powerlines. You must shoot his rockets and steer them back at him this way.
Between the rockets he likes to jump 6 times from side to side, so count and place the snowbomber on the very end of one side of the screen by standing there and forcing him to ump there, so you are free to move around and have a clear view on the fight.
The third one of these snowy trashcans drops bombs at you while he is jumping above you. While he is doing this you can roll around as the wheel because then you are invincible.

Wabachota says:
You can kill the first Semiboss very easy by standing on him and avoiding the rockets, this way the rockets automatically hit him.

: The Iceman :

The Iceman is really mean. At first he swings from side to side and shoots with deadly icicles. Dodge them and as long as you do this shoot at the chain he hangs on.
Once he lost half of his energy he rolls around on the ground and jumps a lot. Dodge this attacks and roll to a safe side. Once he stops on one side shoot him. He will shoot at you too so jump, once the icicles are close enough and land behind the volley. Then shoot again and avoid the icicles and jumpattacks again.


You can find all the secrets of the first level on this map:

Karte Level 7


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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