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Level 9

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hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi

hurrican navihurrican navi

Screenshots Level 9

Screen 00 Level 9 Screen 01 Level 9 Screen 02 Level 9
Screen 03 Level 9 Screen 04 Level 9 Screen 05 Level 9
Screen 06 Level 9 Screen 07 Level 9 Screen 08 Level 9
Screen 09 Level 9 Screen 10 Level 9 Screen 11 Level 9

Enemies Level 9

b.o.m.b. The firewalker is really mean. Shot him, when he if showing you his back, once he turns around and start spitting fire run away and come back once he is finished with the fire. And then kill him. NEVER stand in the flames.
pflanze This Guntower shoots you with lasers, but only if you are standing right under it. So try to avoid this.
b.o.m.b. This Crablike enemie can be killed once it's trying to enter the screen by flying in. Once it's inside the screen and recognised this it's harder to take down the crab. Oh crab!
b.o.m.b. Once the level should be over the bat is flying around and wants to die. Help the bat to die!
b.o.m.b. The flybike flies slowly and shoots with slow shots. It is not that dangerous and later used as a skybike.
b.o.m.b. This flying enemies tries to kill you with its lasers. But you can kill it quite fast. It is only dangerous once there are a lot of them.
b.o.m.b. This mutant jumps out of the glastubes that are everywhere in this level and attacks you once it's out of there. Kill them all.
b.o.m.b. After you defeated the first Boss of this level (see below) his head follows you until you reach the final Boss. The head always tries to hit you and take away some of your precious energy.


The first Boss is very challenging. His rapidfire with the machinegun is annoying, but if you use the wheel to roll behind him, you can shoot him from there and survive longer. Further more you have to avoid the rockets and the fires that emerge from the impact points of the rockets. This is hard but it is possible.

: The BOSS :

This is where it gets interesting. Dr. Geng X's head that already followed you around screws itself on a huge killingmachine and, whatelse did you expect, attacks you. Of course the machine has different attacks.

If there is a small purple ray coming out of the head jump down to the groundlevel because there a giant energyray about to break lose. You better avoid that or you are history faster than you can say instantkill.
Be prepared for some missiles and energyballs, but these are easy to dodge. If there is a chain of yellowgreenish energyballs coming at you position Hurri so that the energyballs don't hit you.
If the cable behind the machine is flashing jump on the pedestal because the floor is about to be high voltage'd.

After some hits to the head the head will start to fly around. Just avoid it because you can't kill it and concentrate you firepower on the heart in the glass because that's the thing that keeps Dr. Geng X alive. Well, as long as you let him live.


You can find all the secrets of the first level on this map:

Karte Level 9


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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Guido      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-09-27 04:01:43

Best game ever!!!
Please, make other levels or even a sequel! There will be lot of players happy to play it!

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