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Collection of a lot of interesting stuff

hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi

hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi
hurrican navihurrican navihurrican navi

hurrican navihurrican navi

Hurrican Stuff

Here is the place where a lot of stuff about Hurrican will gather. Here you can find stuff ranging from normal tipps about the Gameplay to the last secrets to cheats and historical artifacts and everything else. Enjoy :)

: Warpzone : Cheats : Trainer : old titlescreen : other stuff : Userlevel :


At the beginning of the Tutorial Level there is a hidden supermariolike warpzone that lets you warp to every Level of the game.
You get in there by bombjumping (turn into the wheel, drop bombs, roll over them, get thrown in the air and then jump when you are in the air) onto the pipes to the left at the very beginning of the Level. Once you are standing on the pipes you roll into the secret way into the wall to the left and drop down.
The enemies down there won't hurt you. I just want to point out, that you enter the level 'naked', which means you only have the powerups you have right now.
This Video shows very god how to get into the warpzone.

Thanks to mailhunter for this Video


If you collected all the diamonds in a level you unlock a cheat that is working for all levels. So, collect them as crazy or just cheat and look here for the cheats.

dnstuff 999 Powerlines; 999 Grenades
and 999 Schockwaves
idfa all Weaponsystems maxed out
benkenwurmus 99 Lifes
traveller in time 999 Seconds time
derfnam znert Godmode on/off
trailblazer Unlimited wheelpower on/off
dont stop me now Autofire +500 Seconds
supersize me Supershot +500 Seconds
trantor was here Flamethrower on/off

To enter the cheatcode enter the console by pressing 'tab' while you are in a level and write the cheatcode in the popupwindow and execute it by pressing enter.


Fir3 and S3nf have written Trainers for the different Versions of Hurrican. Here is Fir3's Thread and here is S3nf's Thread about it.

When you are using the Trainer you can play around with the settings of the game, you can turn Hurri unvulnerabe, power up your Weapons, turn your wheelenergy or your healthbar to maximum or whatever you can think of ...
The Ghost mode (only available until the trainer for V1.0.0.3) is a nice addition, but also takes away the fun of exploring, but you know best what you do.
To use the Trainer, just download it and extract the archive into the hurrican installationpath and run the file.

Of course there is a mirror for the Trainers here

Mirror - Trainer for V1.0.0.4
by Fir3

Archive - Hurrican v1.0.0.4 exe File

For the older Hurrican Version look here:

Mirror - Trainer for V1.0.0.3
by S3nf
Archive - Hurrican v1.0.0.3 exe File

Mirror - Trainer for V1.0.0.2
by S3nf

thanks to Fir3 & S3nf for the Trainers.


Zarlex Toxin found a picture from the Hurrican-Demo and posted it on the forum. You can see the old Hurrican titlescreen. Click on the Thumbnail for a higher resolution



a hurrican page in chinese
Attention, a lot of advertisments and gibberish!


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YouTube Adventure Channel

Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

Sascha      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2011-08-06 10:57:46

Hallo, wollte mal fragen, ob man Hurrican auch in einer höheren Auflösung spielen kann?
Wollte es in 1980x1200 spielen.
Vielen Dank!
Nightsky      (
wrote on: 2015-05-09 17:43:08

Schönes spiel! Wäre es möglich nen 2. teil raus zu bringen? Existiert Pole53280 noch?
Darnok_PL      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2019-06-21 20:38:12

Hello, I am a fan of this game and I want to speedrun it! I was not even aware of the website!

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