Kathy Rain

Kathy Rain

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Kathy Rain is your detective game set in the 90s without cellphones and internet but with a lot of talk and following clues. It is very moody (exactly my mood!) and beautifully painted. The pixelart characters by Shane Stevens are absolutely fantastic, the background by Nauris Krauze non the less.
The voiceacting is pretty good and directed by Wadjet Eye Game's Dave Gilbert who already released various adventure games with this voiceacting like Shardlight and Technobabylon.
Everything else, like the coding of the whole game and the cool puzzles and the very interesting writing that draws you in from the very first minute is handled by Joel Staaf Hästö and his one man indie dev studio Clifftopgames. And just for your interest, after playing Kathy Rain, check out Joel's new game called Whispers of a Machine! (formerly known as God's Algorithm)

Now play the game and investigate what mysterious things happened to your granddad all these years ago!



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