Kathy Rain

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Kathy Rain

Steam Achievements

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Steam Achievements

Kathy Rain

KR steamGet on the Katmobile
Complete Day 1 in the game

KR steam Wow, they're hypnotic...
Complete Day 2 in the game

KR steam We've met before, haven't we?
Complete Day 3 in the game

KR steam Down the rabbit hole
Complete Day 4 in the game

KR steam Been there, done that
Complete Day 5 in the game and thus complete the game.

KR steam Procrastinator
Examine 10 objects in Kathy's dorm room. This only works at the very beginning of the game before leaving for the funeral.

KR steam Enjoying the scenery
While on the map / katmobile just keep on rolling until this unlocks.

KR steam Hotwheels
Use the ride wheelchair command on the wheelchair in the Rain residence.

KR steam Aaw!
Turn on the TV again after talking to Goober in jail.

KR steam Undateable
When Lenny wants a date with you on day 1 chose the last option, rather eat a foot.

KR steam Mr. Bear, reporting for duty!
Take a look at the Teddy Bear on the attic.

KR steam Nocturnal
Turn off the light in the attic after repairing it

KR steam How YOU doing?
On Day 2, when using Voice Forge, try to save HELLO BABY to the tape.

KR steam Resting scowly face
While in the dorm room with Eileen at the end of day 2 or at the start of day 3 look at the mirror on her locker and listen to her comments.

KR steam Pyromaniac
Try to burn the pink bear on Eileens locker with your lighter.

KR steam Passive smoking
On day 3 when reaching the clinic smoke next to Goober, the bum

KR steam Film buff
Let Goober explain all his movie plots to you and then make him perform them all. You should be present inside the clinic while he is acting it up.

KR steam Heretic
Try to burn the bible with your lighter in the church.

KR steam Trigger happy
Once Goober appears in the church again, try to stun him again with the stun gun.

KR steam Hooked on Corleys
Use the lighter on the cigarettes to smoke a lot of them.

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