Kathy Rain

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Kathy Rain

Day 2

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Kathy Rain

After waking up on day 2 and deciding what not to do today we should find out what to do today. Take a look at the computer to get the number of Eileen's hacker friend and get a clue about the login details we need.
But first we call Dave via the phone and try to convince him to give us some hacker software. Suddenly an envelope gets dropped off at the door. Open the envelope and read the instructions at the back of the floppy disc to know what you are doing and to get Clyde's number.
Easy, just cram the disc into the computer and start it. Use the first option to crash the master boot record (MBR). Then call Clyde and ask him for help with the computer. He will be there in no time, but he wants you to log in and doesn't want to log in himself. So we have to fail hard at this. Eileen's username is esummers, as her full name is Eileen Mildred Summers and Clyde tells you via the phone that you use the first letter of the first name and then the surname. Just type it in and type in some wrong password 4 times and you are totally logged out from this machine. Gladly Clyde is already around and can help...
As soon as Clyde is gone put in that mean hacker disc again and boot up the PC. Use the second option: Extract admin password. Username is admin, password is gadget. Nice.
Now Exit and shutdown the PC and immediately restart it (without the bootdisc). Use the admin login details to gain access to the network settings. Browse through these settings to find Dorm B Port 8. Turn this room on and Dave will be online again.

Then call Dave again and he will more or less grateful deliver the software you need to your door. Pick up the new envelope and open it. Cram that new Tools disc into the computer and turn it on. Log in with whatever account you have, admin is probably even better. Click the disc icon to install the Voice Forge and the Image Analyser Software.

Now put that overexposed picture onto the scanner, log into the computer and click the scanner. A new bmp file will appear that Kathy renames to bright_picture.bmp. Grab it and drag it to the Image Analyser Software. Play around with the levels until you can see what is hidden on that picture. Just drag every lever until the picture doesn't get any darker with that lever. If it gets brighter move the lever back a bit to the darker setting. Kathy will tell you when you are ready. Also use the analyze image tool to zoom in on the center of the image where the 3 glowing balls are and hit that analyze button once more until you get a message and a triangle forms on the screen. Also zoom in all the way to the red flower on the left and print this flower.
Leave the computer for a moment and pick up the printouts from the printer. Kathy mentions the smokey lights remind her of something... just combine the printout of the whole restored picture with the church flyer and you will have a new topic to talk about...

After this Eileen comes in and you talk with her for a while. Talk about the completely restored picture, the picture of the flower and the church flyer. After this we need to find a way to make Erica Wade want to talk to us. Gladly the scanner on the desk can also scan tapes. So put the answering machine tape on the scanner, log in to the computer and activate the scanner. A new audio file appears that Kathy renames to tape_ans_mach.wav. Drag this new audio file onto the Voice Forge software. The second voice is Charles Wade's voice. And now we have to cut his words into a complete sentence to make Erica Wade want to talk to Kathy. The finished sentence reads: HELLO ERICA IT'S YOUR FATHER CALL KATHY RAIN AND GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS BYE. Export this to the tape. If you want to have some fun, try to listen to yet another, the 3rd voice on the tape now... then put the tape into Mr. Dicto and call Erica Wade. Play back the message for her, Kathy then calls her again as herself and soon leaves the room.
Once she is back Eileen already found out about the flower and we can investigate that. And suddenly the phone rings. Who might be at the other end of the line? It's Erica Wade. Talk with her about everything possible and especially about her father, Charles Wade. You'll find out he is in the clinic in Conwell Springs, so why no go there?
Well, we'll better get there tomorrow, tonight is reserved for some weird dreams for Kathy about a red man...

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1) Jürgen      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2016-09-12 20:21:38

Dieses Foto mit dem Grafikprogramm zu identifizieren war echt ein bisschen zuviel des guten...

woher soll ich wissen, dass ich bei der blume nicht auf analyze sondern auf print drücken muss? xD

ansonsten ist das spiel der hammer bisher - und die traumsequenzen übertreffen mal wieder alles!!!

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