Kathy Rain

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Kathy Rain

Day 3

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Kathy Rain

Wake up Kathy, it's a new day. Talk to Eileen if you want and have some topics left, otherwise just leave the flat and drive to the nature reserve and meet some weirdo guy with makeup in a suit that talks even weirder stuff. And all of a sudden you are back at the Rain Residence. Gladly you are not covered in dirt and wet but at least you can't remember how you got there. Talking to grandma is no use at the moment, so what better thing to do than check out the nature reserve again to see if it all was a dream or so.
You'll find a piece of paper that wasn't here before. Pick it up and take a look. Is this creepy already? No, but it's forming a clue.

So who draws easy stuff like this? Either a 3 year old or someone special like the brother of Lily Myers, Nathan Myers. So drive to the cabin at the lake (not in the woods) and look at Nathan's drawings. There is the missing part of the greater picture, just combine the two parts of the image to see the complete picture. Nathan sure has some explaining to do. But where is he? Better ask Sue about the red man. She ensures Kathy it is just the imagination of her mentally disabled son. Really? Also show her the restored picture with the smokey lights and she will remember a picture Lily did draw.

Then head off to the clinic. Get inside and talk to the nurse. She is very unfriendly but we have to talk to her once to make some dialogs with Goober possible.
So we get outside again and meet the bum again. Talk to him and you can get some information from him. Maybe not. He talks a lot of funny stuff... But he knows serious things about the past of the church of the holy trinity so ask him about this weird church. Then ask him about his story, his Showbiz career and about the movie called The Usual Surprises. Then get back one dialog option and ask him for a live performance of The usual Surprises for the nurse. Once he is inside and does his thing stun him with your stun gun. That is quite the distraction for the nurse and she takes care of poor Goober now. And we have all the time in the world to look through her computer. But of course the nurse logged out of her account and we don't know her password. When checking out the board behind the desk you'll find out that the nurse's name is Carlita Mendez. But still no password. So we better use Hacker Dave's disc and extract the username and password we need. The usename is cmendez and the password is otorgador.
Now search the database for Wade to find out Charles Wade is in room 6B here. Gotcha. Just for fun you can also search for the medical records of Joseph Irving Rain by just searching for rain. But finally we can get upstairs in the clinic and know where we are headed.
So talk to Charles Wade about everything on your list. Ask twice about Lily Myers art to find out that it was stolen, and only her paintings were stolen and to be able to talk to the Sheriff about it. Also ask twice about Cocky/Jimmy Cochran.

Now visit the Sheriff again and ask him questions. Especially about Lily Myer's art. Read that report Lenny hands you and you'll find out about Franklin Goldfarb. And of course grandma knows everyone from that time, so visit her and ask her about Jimmy Cochran and what she knows about Franklin Goldfarb. Turns out Franklin Goldfarb is indeed Goober, the friendly bum.

But where do we find him? Pay a visit to the hospital and ask the nurse about him. She says he was talking about god and divine experience so where do we search for him now?
Just take a ride to the church, and there he is, just sitting there on the bench. So ask Goober about him being a witness by asking him about his real name. He drops a lead to a ring with the letters B + another one on it. So just show him your lighter with the BH on it and he will recognise it. But he can't make any more sense from it.
While we are here we can ask the priest some serious questions. This is just for backstory at the moment, so you can just skip him for now.

Rather visit grandma again and ask her about the BH. She tells you about the Black Hats, the biker gang, but then she refuses to talk more about them. So just visit the police station and finally Lenny is actually useful. He shows Kathy where to find the Black Hats. So what about we visit these guys now...

The bikers are friendly and welcoming as biker are supposed to be and greet you with a hug. But since Kathy doesn't like hugs you should just stun the biker with your stungun. And now we can talk to Beau, the biker boss. Well, somehow, but he wants proof that Kathy is really who she claims to be, so just show him granddad's lighter and he will be content. Kathy has a lot with her Granddad in common, doesn't she?
Go ask him about Lily Myer's stolen art, but he won't be telling you much. So show him the picture with the smokey lights and he kind of tells you something new.
After quitting talking to Beau Emmett joins in and tells you to make a Bloodier Mary to make Beau more cooperative. Some red spice should be the special ingredient. Haven't we seen a red herb that gives hallucinations somewhere already?
Pay a visit to the nature reserve for a moment there and pick that Red Scythe flower. Get back to the Black Hats and give that flower to the bartender. He will mix it into a normal Bloody Mary and give you the Bloodier Mary. Now it's time for a drink with Beau.
He gets really talkative and gives you clues that the priest from the Church of the Holy Trinity might have ordered the biker gang to steal Lily Myers paintings from Charles Wade. Now that is interesting. And the dream Kathy has afterwards is also interesting. Maybe she should stay away from the Red Scythe...

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