Kathy Rain

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Kathy Rain

Day 4

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Kathy Rain

A new day dawns and Kathy is up in grandma Rain's house. Pay grandma a visit before leaving. Oh, what a suprise, Eileen is here and chatting with grandma already. After talking to Eileen and making her visit the priest of the Church of the Holy Trinity rather than yourself you decide to visit Jimmy Cochrane in his institutional home.
Jimmy is a weird guy and talking strange but maybe he is the only one that sees everything clear.
He wants you to ask about the chronicler, so you better ask about Lily Meyers.
Then Jimmy Cochrane is next to be asked about.
The Black Hats are the ones that break the rules.
The man in red is the man reunited with his family. What did you do Kathy? Is this only about that picture?
The first thing you can think of is the first item on the list, the incident in '81.
The misguided faithful is of course the Church of the Holy Trinity.

After that Jimmy stops the whole conversation rather abrupt and warns you of Eileen being in danger. So where could she be? Maybe we should just visit the Church of the Holy Trinity. Enter the door on the left that is open now. This is Isaac's office. It is filled with lots of uninteresting church stuff, but at least you find a key when searching his desk. But that's all there is to steal before getting arrested.

And now it's Kathy who is in jail. We need to get out of here. What else?!
Reach for that mop and kick it over to the bulletin board. Now grab some paperclips from the bulletin board. Form them to some lockpicks in your inventory and then of course use the lockpick on the lock to open the door. No fiddely mouse action is needed, just click the bolts in the correct order. Mine was 3 5 1 2 4, but it seems to be a random combination every time.
Now get out of the jail cell and get back all your stuff from the evidence bag on the desk here. The TV turns on now, probably a broken magnet or so... And now get out of the Sheriff Station!

And since we are good at opening doors now, we should head to the Cemetery now. Isaac's family has their own mausoleum there. And guess what, that old key we found in the church fits that lock, so we sadly won't have to lockpick this door. Inside we take care of Isaac pretty fast, but Eileen is in a bad state of mind. Untie Eilee to get the rope and make it easier for her. Then search Isaac to find another small key. Look at the key to add the storage facility to your notes. Then tie Isaac up with the rope and then we can leave this place to get help.

Back at grandma Rain's Residence she will take care of Eileen and we can leave the room and check the phonebook for a storage facility. What a lucky coincidence, there is one in town.
Of course we will go there now to see what this key unlocks. The key with the tag on it opens the very first storage room here. Enter it and take the paint thinner with you. The paintings around here are all ruined by the paint thinner. Leave this storage unit now.
Grandpa's key fits into the 3rd storage unit. Conwell Springs really is a small town. Enter that storage unit and search the boxes for a tape and a custody form. Listen to the tape for some more scientific or military descriptions and a very weird dream described by your grandpa. Maybe the same thing happens to us soon enough too and that change in temperature is important.

As Kathy said, the last painting left is in the Cabin at the lake, so why not pay a visit to the cabin now? Sue is not home, but her door has a tumbler lock, so we can open it with the makeshift lockpick. One bolt after the other.
Inside the cabin pour the paintthinner over the last remaining painting to uncover some weird fantasy to become reality. Step outside the cabin and you find Nathan and some even stranger events start to unfold. We'll meet the smokey lights and the man in red again. He is running around in a negative version of Isaac's office, makes Father Bill bleed and talks about this room holding the key... now that's interesting... and a bit creepy!

But Kathy is afraid of nothing, so get to that very room in reality where you just happened to be in your dream. I mean, drive to the church and enter Isaac's office. Open the painting of Father Bill and you'll find a safe and a weird poem scribbled on the back of the picture. But you can't make much sense of it yet. As Kathy says, the combination might be some important date for Isaac. Try pressing some buttons on the safe to find out it's indeed a 6 digit code which totally hints at a date.

What do you know, there are a lot of dates in the Price mausoleum. Let's head over to the Cemetery. When you enter the mausoleum Kathy takes out the notes already and wants you to solve that puzzle for her. Can't she figure it out alone this time, this looks really complicated? Okay, let's help her.

I lie in the center
of the mark of the lord
My wife gazes down
as my son stands below

As Father Bill himself wrote this he must be the center of it all, that old selfish man. Tilt your head 90 to the left and draw a cross (mark of the lord) with Father Bill in the center of the cross. This includes Agatha, Henrietta, Father Bill himself, Joshua, Isaac and the empty spot below Father bill (in normal view... untilt your head now!).

I witnessed three dawns
felt warmth on my skin
Their radiant bronze
Lay nearby, not within

The three dawns are 3 birthdates and we need the birthdates around Father Bill, not within himself. So select the birthdates of Agatha, Henrietta and Joshua.

From East to West
I touched every soul
From lasting to brief
Their parts made a whole

So check the dates from east to west, from right to left and use a descending order of the dates. In the end this turns out to be 61 11 22.
Could it be this is the combination to the safe in the Church of the Holy Trinity? Let's find out by riding there and punching these digits into safe to find a new tape and some torn out bible pages. Read these pages and listen to the tape and now let's find that abyss.

Where could it be? We should get to Isaac in the jailcell now and play that tape for him. He mentions north of the woods, but Kathy wants to know exactly where to go before riding through the woods on her motorcycle. Even though we have a new location on the map now it is of no use to run around aimlessly in the woods. You will only get lost or come back to the start somehow...
Now drive to the Lakeside Cabin one last time and grab that Thermometer next to the door. I mean, ... borrow it for a while.
Of course grandma knows something that somehow helps us, but also not, but go visit her and ask her about the Crimson One.
Then finally drive to the Conwell Woods. Take a look at that thermometer to make it appear on screen. Now approach every exit to the scene and see where the temperature falls. Exit through this side of the screen and do the same on the next screens over and over again until your reach that abyss.
Smell that sea of Red Scythe flowers to get dizzy and be able to see the Crimson One. Is he the Green Fairy of the flowerpowery kind? Is this real or is Kathy vividly hallucinating? He explains himself and wants you to descend. Okay then, let's descend down into the red rabbit hole and to the next day and page...

Thanks to Fitz for help with the thermometer.
Play some of his adventure games at the bottom of the linked page, they all rock!

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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) Sergey Tyukin      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-08-07 08:48:09

I just wanted to say that this poem riddle is the stupidest over-thoughts puzzle that I've encountered in my playing years! Terrible!
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-08-07 15:26:51

it is not the best puzzle, but I actually enjoyed figuring it out :)
3) aark      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2021-10-27 06:17:02

at the prison scene my things wasnt at the desk, was inside the big archive, and turn on the tv did nothing... it was all static, and all i could do was call lenny to the cell rooms, and hide behind the table, i really want to know what should i do to distract him to get out of there, can you help me please??? i'm stuck!!!

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