Kathy Rain

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Kathy Rain

Day 5

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Day 5

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Kathy Rain

And here we finally are. Some dark underground place (in Kathy's soul?) that remotely looks like the Rain Residence but also completely different. Not much happening down here though, so we better check out that lamp to find a pen hidden inside. Now look at the book and sign it with the pen.
A Doppelganger appears and suddenly disappears again, but at least that elevator door is open now.

Ride up that elevator to the 2nd floor and enter the door on the right. You'll meet your mom or what is left of her or where she has ever been. Use that pen on the bloody wall on the left to open it up and find a well hidden, but not hidden good enough scalpel. Use that scalpel to free this momster thing tied to the wall. Then use it again to free her again. From her life. Or whatever that zombie life is called.
Now open the refridgerator that is uncovered once mom died. You get a heart scarab from it. On the fridge are some magnets, but you can't use them or rearrange them. But you can take notes of their numbers.
Leave the mental cell and pick up the postcard on the floor out there. It has some cheerful holiday greetings from dad on it. And soon after that, you meet your doppelganger again and on top of that your zombie dad. Run away from him and cross these shaky floorboards. Make him follow you and walk over these shaky boards too. Make him walk over it twice and he will fall into his own sinkhole and be gone for good. His mean message turns into something better now.

Ride down the elevator to the 1st floor again. Look at the padlock on the door. So, do you remember the fridge magnets? Just replace the letters from the word NEAR with their corresponding numbers.
N=3 E=2 A=1 R=5
This leads us to the final conclusion that the code of the padlock is of course 3215. Put it in and open the first padlock. Take that padlock with you already.

Ride up to the 3rd floor now. Put the padlock as the missing link into the chain on the left end of the room. Now you can pull up the cage with the crank. Put that small red heart scarab into the indentations from the cage and let the cage smash onto the scarab by operating the crank again. Now look at that, there was a key hidden inside the scarab. Get it and draw the cage up again. Open the casket with the newfound key and meet the little kid again. He tries to scare you but don't be scared.
The dweller in the lake appears too and seems to be a nice girl. She prepares you to meet... him. So pick up that key the kid dropped and ride the elevator down to the 1st floor again.

Put the brass key into the padlock and open it. Pick up that new padlock. Sadly the door is locked or bolted close so we should put one chain onto the door, the other chain onto the elevator and then combine them with the padlock. Let's hope this work, let's ride up the elevator. Enter the now open living room door and meet someone you've been searching for a long time. And you know what to do now, burn them all! This is always a good idea!
Take the escalator up to get out of this hellhole. And guess what, burn all the Red Scythe flowers around here with the paint thinner and the lighter.
And then you can watch how it all ends and the credits roll!


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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) Jürgen      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2016-11-01 13:59:27

uuuund ebenfalls erledigt :D

das spiel war tatsächlich eine klasse für sich, sehr mysteriöse Story, die sich leider damit zufrieden gegeben hat in einem Happy End zu enden anstatt die mysterien zu lüften und alle Handlungsstränge zu verknüpfen...

die minispiele waren für point-and-click-adventures extrem ausgefallen und genial, wenngleich ich einige aus genau diesem grund nicht lösen konnte

Hast du nochmehr solcher Meisterstücke? ^^
- Dropsy habe ich bereits gespielt (fands ziemlich cool)
- Die Spiele von Aminata haben mich nicht so sehr begeistern können (Botanicular, Samorost 3 - einzig Machinarium war ganz cool)
2) Kevin O'Donnell      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2018-02-09 01:05:36

Thanks for the fun walkthrough. Really helped a lot!

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