Life is Strange Before the Storm

Life is Strange Before the Storm

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Life is Strange - Before the Storm is a prequel to the first Life is Strange game. You play a younger Chloe in a game developed by a completely different and new developer studio but it gets as good as the first game. More character is developed and you get sucked into the story right from the start. What are you waiting for, play the game, read here when you are stuck, Zoska aka Johnny and Sophie did a great job with this guide and I'm proud to be allowed to host and display it here...



Hey there, and welcome to our first guide! We are big fans of this game, we love the deep and intense story this game and its sequel have to tell. If you somehow stumbled upon this guide before deciding whether or not to buy it, then let me tell you this, you should! Whilst the genre might not be for everybody, you are at least considering it, and this is the perfect game to get into the genre. That said, we hope you have fun playing the game and reading our guide.

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Got any suggestions, critics, contributions, or spelling mistakes for us? Send them to us via our e-mails! Even if it's just to chat about the game. Any contributions made will be credited at the end of the guide.

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Here's our link if you'd like to give back: It doesn't have to be much, as little or as much as you want. We'd appreciate anything you'd give so, so much. Anything is a great help to us. Thank you so much to those who decide to support us. About this guide

This guide will contain different levels of spoilers; minor spoilers for those players who just need to know how to advance at a certain point in the game, but don't want significant spoilers for other parts, and major spoilers for those completionists who want to know every dialogue in the game. It will also save you the trouble of reloading checkpoints if you decide to read the spoilers.

In the Backtalk challenge boxes, the bolded options are the correct ones.

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