Life is Strange Before the Storm

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Life is Strange Before the Storm

Bonus Episode

FAQ written by Zoska

Chloe's Room

The episode will start with a closeup shot of some dolls tied up to a firecracker. A young Chloe and Max will appear in the scene before they crouch to the floor, and as Chloe is about to light the firecracker, Max voices her concerns about how Chloe's mum will notice a hole in the floor. Chloe will tell Max to "trust in science," before finally lighting the fuse wire and the two run behind Chloe's bed excitedly. There's a moment of pause as the wire reaches the firecracker, and then explodes, sending limbs of singed dolls all over the room. Chloe will jump onto her bed and ask Max if that wasn't the coolest thing she'd ever seen. You'll be prompted to make your first choice of the episode:
  • You're insane.
  • That was amazing.
There isn't any consequence to what you reply with here. If Max says, "You're insane." Chloe will reply with, "You say that like it's a bad thing,". If Max says, "That was amazing." Chloe will reply with, "Some things just are."

Either way, Chloe will comment on how her mother didn't specify how she had to tidy her room. She starts tidying her closet, and asks Max to help out if she sees anything worth throwing away.

Max will begin to ponder about moving away to Seattle as the opening credits appear. She worries about leaving Chloe and how to tell her that she's moving. Eventually, you're able to move around the room to look and interact with various objects. Some of the objects will have the option to be thrown away. The objects being: boyband trading cards that can be found in a desk drawer next to Chloe's closet, a board game found in the shelves next to Chloe's bed, a magic trick collection found in the desk on the other side of Chloe's bed, "Mr. Sharkie" who is sitting in front of the window, and a half eaten jawbreaker found in Chloe's dresser.

All of these items will prompt you with two responses, but no matter what you choose, Chloe will refuse to throw away any of her trash - uhem, I mean, treasures.

NOTE: Attempting to throw away any of these objects is optional.

You'll come across Chloe's acceptance letter into Blackwell Academy lying on her desk. This prompts Max to ask Chloe about her school life, which she talks about excitedly until Max questions her about the students. Chloe will reply with a curt, "They're fine," before returning to her cleaning. You'll be presented with two choices:
  • Push further.
  • Say nothing.
If you choose to push further, Chloe will tell Max how she doesn't like fake people, and that she thinks Max is real. She explains how she prefers hanging out with normal people like Max. If you choose to say nothing, Max will decide to give her some space and try to get her to talk later.

OPTIONAL: If you check the trash box and look at Chloe's red hoodie, it'll then give you the option to save it. Chloe will ask Max what she's doing before making the excuse that she's throwing it away because it's old and full of holes, and then hesitantly says it's fine to go when Max presses further.

Once you've checked out the room as little or as much as you want, talk to Chloe. They both call off the search for trash to throw away, and Chloe asks Max how they should spend the rest of the day. Max contemplates telling Chloe she's moving away now, or waiting until the day is over to tell her. You'll be asked to make another choice:
  • Tell her now.
  • Tell her later.
If you choose to tell Chloe now, Max will attempt to do so, but will get interrupted when Chloe finds their old pirate voice recording. If you choose to tell Chloe later, Max will ask what Chloe has in mind and Chloe will show her the old voice recording.

The recording reveals a message from an even younger Chloe and Max to their future selves. "Long Max Silver" states if they're looking for treasure, to search for the treasure map in "Captain Bluebeard's" manuscripts, and that they won't be able to find the treasure without an amulet and a pure heart. The recording ends and Chloe decides they'll spend the day treasure hunting.

After looking through the sketchbook they both used during their pirate phase, Max finds that one of the pages has been ripped out. Assuming it's where the map was, Chloe claims she would have never thrown it out, and so the search begins.
ENDING SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
Looking at the Social Studies worksheet at the end of Chloe's bed will give you a clue to where the map is. If you're feeling lazy, you can find the map in a work book in the closet with all of Chloe's school supplies.
This episode also has a small set of collectibles that you can find, photos that Max can take with William's camera. To see them, hit TAB to bring them up with the map.
#Photo 1

During the search for the map, Max can take a photo of Chloe by herself in the mirror or take a photo of both her and Chloe in the mirror. It doesn't matter which option you choose.
After reading the map, Chloe and Max remember how to find the treasure and need two items: a telescope and the amulet mentioned earlier. While Chloe heads to the garage to grab the telescope, she charges Max with going up into the attic to retrieve the amulet.

Price House (Upstairs) - Bonusup

To get into the attic, head inside the broom closet to the right of Chloe's bedroom. Max will try to reach for the latch, but is too short to make it. You'll need to move the blue crate in the broom closet underneath the hatch, and after another try, Max will find she's still too short to reach. Head into the Chloe's parent's bedroom and use the stepping stool you find to the left of the door. Finally, take the stack of books from the bookshelf in the landing, and Max will finally be able to climb up into the attic.

OPTIONAL: If you read the emails on William's computer, Max will discover that Chloe got into trouble at school and that there is a voice mail waiting on the phone downstairs.

Once in the attic, you can see the amulet hanging from a hook from behind a stack of boxes and a bookcase.
#Photo 2

You'll be able to take your second photo of the amulet just hanging there.
To get to the amulet, you will first need to push the chair in front of you out of the way. Once it's moved, walk towards the gap it was blocking and left click to squeeze through. To progress further, first you'll need to pull the blue dresser out of the way before pushing the desk away from the cooler. Once you're able to move the cooler, you're going to need to pull it twice, and then you can squeeze your way through to the amulet.

Once you've retrieved the amulet, Max will hear Chloe playing outside and will slide a wooden board out of the way of a broken window. She will then sit down on the stool and stay there until you press space. As soon as you do, Chloe will notice Max watching her from the attic and call her a "creeper" for it. This will prompt you with two choices:
  • Share your feelings.
  • Act natural.
If you share Max's feelings, Chloe will give her a deadpanned, "what". After Max tells her she's just lucky to have her as a best friend, Chloe will laugh and say, "Ya damn right, you mushy weirdo!" before asking about the amulet. Max will show it before heading downstairs.

Price House (Downstairs) - Bonusup

#Photo 3

Before bringing the amulet to Chloe, you can ask her to strike a pose on the swingset before snapping the third photo.
After giving Chloe the amulet, she struggles to attach it to the telescope. Max will need to find something to hold the amulet in place, that something being the tape you can find lying with the painting supplies on a pallet.

OPTIONAL: Before bringing the tape to Chloe, there's a ball lying in the garden that you can throw. It's not required to continue with the story, but it unlocks a heartwarming scene.

Once you give Chloe the tape, she reminiscences about the past and how they both planned to rule Arcadia Bay. After a small choice, Chloe tapes the amulet onto the telescope before handing it over to Max so she can be led to the treasure. Max will climb to the top of the swingset before looking through the telescope. To use the telescope, turn the lens around so the boat on the amulet is the right way up, then align the three cyan blue squares with the three windows in the house ahead, and the boat with the telephone pole next to the house. This will show where the treasure is buried with the X drawn in a cloud shape.

You then need to direct Chloe towards the treasure, finally guiding her to the correct place. She jumps on the spot excitedly before running to grab a shovel leaning against the side of the house. After digging for a little bit, Chloe will hit something, causing her and Max to dig the rest of the way with their hands. Only...a different time capsule is in the place of theirs.

Chloe and Max bring the time capsule into the living room before finally opening it. In side is their original time capsule, a voice recording from "Bloody Bill", and a photograph of Chloe and William. Chloe grabs the tape player from her room and turns the recording on, revealing her father to have dug up their treasure and put it in a more secure container. They finally take out their original time capsule and open that bad boy up, revealing all sorts of items inside that you can inspect after the scene.
#Photo 4

Look inside the photo album in the bookcase to the right of the TV, and then look at the at cap on the table. You'll have the option to take a photo.

#Photo 5

You can choose to take a photo with Chloe and Max together while Chloe's drawing, or take a photo of Chloe by herself.
Once you've looked around and interacted with anything, everything or nothing, walk over to the phone and look at it. Max will see that there's a voice mail on there. After a little bit of contemplation, Max is then able to listen to the voice mail. After listening to the voice mail, Chloe will attempt to delete it, but Max will stop her. Chloe says she doesn't want her parents hearing the voice mail, but Max breaks it to her that her parents already know because of the emails. (not sure how this plays out if Max doesn't look at the emails...)

After a little bit of encouragement from Max, Chloe explains that she's being picked by this Marisa girl, and retaliated. Max tries her best to cheer her up, and Chloe takes her place back on the couch.

If you've checked all of the items from the time capsule, go over and speak to Chloe again. Chloe will ask if you're done with the time capsule, and if you say yes, she'll show Max her drawing before Max turns all mushy on her. Max then thinks about telling Chloe again, and you're presented with two options once more:
  • Tell her.
  • Don't tell her.
If Max tells her, Chloe will already know. Chloe comforts her that everything will be okay, and during their conversation you'll be presented with a couple of choices, but the end of it is still the same. Just as they're about to run and find something else to do, a sequence begins with Joyce finally returning home and telling Chloe what happened to William. Then cutting to the funeral where Max has to leave right away, before finally to Chloe and Joyce returning home. Chloe will find a voice recording from Max in her room. When the recording ends, Chloe will hold it to her chest and fall to the floor with the episode ending there.

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