Life is Strange Before the Storm

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Life is Strange Before the Storm

Episode 1

FAQ written by Zoska

Old Mill (Exterior)

Start walking towards the mill using the WASD keys (sprint with the shift key). There's a bouncer at the entrance, have a talk with him and he won't let you in. Interact with the flowered motorcycle to unlock a new dialogue. This will give you the chance to Backtalk the bouncer and get inside the old mill. Before you talk to him, walk towards the two guys arguing and you'll see a receipt, look at it and read it.
Graffiti #1: "Lame Ride"

Go around the back of the van and draw your first graffiti.
From now on, keep an eye out for these places if you wanna find them by yourself. Regardless, all graffiti will be covered in this guide.

Go back and talk to the bouncer to start your first Backtalk fight. The correct responses are:


Round 1

No bedtime.
Your bedtime?

Do me a solid.

Round 2

I don't do 'cute'.

What could it hurt?
Cute is relative.

Round 3

This isn't a playground.

I'll sneak in.
I am not a kid!

Round 4

Flowers on your bike?
(Examine the flowered bike to unlock)
A girl like me?
I'm not worried.

Round 5

Who's your boss?

Look the other way.
Bosses suck.

Old Mill (Interior)up

After that funny exchange with the bouncer, he'll let you in.

NOTE: If you lose the argument with the bouncer, you can get in via the backdoor left of the motorcycles. You need to move the animal cage to the left of the door.

Once inside follow the music and choose to push through the crowd. You will bump into two guys and cause one of them to spill his beer. What you choose to do here doesn't matter.
Graffiti #2: "Something Sharp"

To the left of the stage's entrance, you'll find a saw blade hanging on the wall that you can draw on.
OPTIONAL: You can steal a Firewalk t-shirt from the vendor that you can wear later and steal some money from him. You'll need to release the handbrake on his car to distract him before you can steal anything. This, as you can guess, will have consequences. Read the next spoiler to know how this affects the story.

SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
You can use the money you steal from the vendor to buy weed from Frank and pay your debt to him, but this will have a negative effect on Joyce later on. It can also be used to slip money into Joyce's purse later, which will have a negative effect regardless.

Go back to the previous room and talk to the guy sitting on the couch next to the stairs. Make sure to ask him "who was that guy I pissed off?" The name Damon will pop up (the name from the receipt you found outside).

NOTE: You can buy weed from him and this will have consequences later on. Read the spoiler if you wanna know what happens.

SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
During Episode 2 at the parking lot, Joyce and David will ask you to empty your pockets and they will find the weed if you buy from Frank.

You find out that the guy you bumped into works for Damon Merrick and that Frank knows him. Ask where the stairs go and move on. After listening to a bit of music, along with some dancing, the skeevy guys from before will show up. You'll be presented with a few choices and whatever you decide, will lead you to the same major choices.
  • Attack.
  • Run.
This will have consequences as you can imagine. Read the spoiler for more info.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
Choosing to attack will result in Chloe getting a black eye, which everyone will comment on, including Rachel. If you want my opinion, you should attack since it makes the dialogue more interesting.

Price Houseup

Once you've looked at Chloe's journal and photograph, open up the dresser and choose whatever outfit you like to leave the room. TIP: If you link your Square Enix account in the main menu, you'll get an extra outfit. Joyce will call you down for breakfast.
Graffiti #3: "Lost Unicorn"

Near the door, to the left, there's a unicorn poster which you can rip off and draw on the wall.
Leave the room and head towards Joyce's room right besides the stairs. Get to the nightstand and call your phone with Joyce's. Leave her room and head towards the bathroom. You will find Chloe's phone under a tower left of the toilet.

Joyce will ask you to bring her purse down with you. Back in Joyce's room, to the left of the desk you can find her purse lying on the floor and a ring that will unlock a new dialogue.

NOTE: If you stole money from the t-shirt vendor and didn't buy weed from Frank, you can slip money in Joyce's purse,

Once downstairs, walk straight to the dining table and place Joyce's purse there. If you check the trash can next to the desk, you will find a job fair flyer, this will unlock a dialogue option that you can use against David when Chloe Backtalks him. Head towards the slow cooker and you can examine it to unlock a new dialogue before talking to Chloe's mother. Joyce will try to encourage Chloe to be closer to David by getting her to go to school with him in his car. After some back and forth between the two, you'll be prompted with a major choice once again.
  • Be understanding.
  • Say what you feel.

SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
You probably figured this out yourself, but saying what you feel will have a negative effect on Chloe's relationship with Joyce.
When you're done, pick up the keys from the ashtray to the right of the sliding doors and head outside. You'll find David fixing his car, head towards him.
Graffiti #4: "David's Shit"

After you take out the socket wrench, you'll have the chance to draw on the toolbox.
Once in the car, David will try to lecture you and you'll get a good opportunity to Backtalk with no consequence, I'd suggest you try it and have some fun.


Round 1

"French is a language."
Military language.

Round 2

You're stupid.
Can't threaten me.
Let me dumb it down. Round 3

Thought I smelled crap.
You're the crap master.
Just shoot me.

Round 4

Don't pretend to care.
Leave mom out of this.
At least she has a heart.

Round 5

I didn't enlist.
You're not my father.
Bills of Rights, fool.

Round 6

Go away.
How about telecommuting.
You have no job. (If Chloe saw the job fair flyer)
You deserve a raise.
After the argument, Chloe will daydream about her dad and herself in the car.

School Campusup

Once you get out of the car, you'll find Eliot who will invite you to see a play called The Tempest. Your decisions will impact your relationship with him.

You have the option to head onto the stage and sit Chloe down on a crate to ponder for a bit. Once Chloe jumps off the stage, Principle Wells will show up and lecture Chloe about being up on the stage when a sign clearly states no one should walk on it. He will then go onto say that he'd like to see her in his office after school. This will let Chloe Backtalk him and try to get out of seeing him after school.


Round 1

Learn some tolerance.
Principal "Wells." I get it.
My well is deep.

Round 2

Who's guilty now?
Article four-twenty.
The guilty have rights.

Round 3

You seem stressed.
My own policy.
The Prescotts' policy? (If Miss Grant mentions the Prescott donation to Chloe and Skip didn't mention the high risk policy)
High risk policy? (If Skip mentioned that term)
You'll get a text from Steph who is sitting at the picnic tables beyond the water fountain. She'll invite you to play a tabletop game. You can refuse and it won't affect anything, but I'd suggest you try it. It is pretty fun.

You can interact with security guard Skip for a bit of more fun before continuing with the story.

Once you're done with the campus, head to the school's main entrance where you will find Nathan Prescott being bullied by Drew North. You'll have the choice to step in and help out Nathan. I have to admit that having played the original Life is Strange, I did not want to help Nathan. Be wary, though. This action will have consequences. Read the spoiler for more info:
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
Not helping Nathan will result in Principal Wells accusing you of bullying Nathan during the start of Episode 2 and Nathan messing up his lines during the play also in Episode 2. If you defend Nathan, and encourage Samantha to support him in the same episode, he will nail all his lines in the play.
If you choose to help him, a new Backtalk challenge against Drew will begin.


Round 1

Back off?
Leave. Now.

Round 2

Nathan's an easy target.
That's hardly fair.
Got me feeling sorry for a Prescott.

Round 3

I'm crazy, that's true.
What if he cries to daddy?
A piece of cake.

Round 4

You suck.
I think we're done.
Graffiti #5: "Prison Wall"

Head to the left side of the campus until you reach the swimming pool doors and on the wall to the right, you can draw once again.
Whatever you decide, Rachel will show up and drag you inside.

School Drama Labup

After the short-lived rehearsal, Rachel will ask you a question and you'll have two options. This doesn't affect the gameplay at large, but read the spoiler if you wanna know what happens.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
If you say Miranda is an idiot, the teacher will agree with you. If you say it's true love, the other students will thank you for your input.
As soon as the conversation is over, Rachel will go to the back to get changed and she'll ask you to bring her belt from her purse.
Graffiti #6: "Drama Nerds"

Follow Rachel to the dressing room. You'll see a poster of the play and you'll get the option to draw a graffiti on Nathan or Rachel
Give the belt to Rachel and she will eventually offer to cover Chloe's black eye with makeup. She will then ask you to join her on a little field trip and ditch class.


Move the crate when Rachel asks you to grab a seat and prepare to draw another graffiti.
Graffiti #7: "Moving Canvas"

Go behind the place where you grabbed the crate from and you'll see some writings where you can leave your sign on.
After a bit of awkward conversation, Rachel will lighten the mood by proposing to play a game called 'Two Truths and a Lie'. You can actually cheat while playing without any consequences outside the dialogue in the train. When the game's finished, you will be prompted with a major choice, which... hasn't affected the story afterwards for me. This needs confirmation.

You can stop listening to music with Rachel anytime and it won't make a difference. When you reach the yet unknown destination, Rachel will ask Chloe to jump. If you do jump, Rachel will comment on this later in the game.


Rachel will take you to a vantage point with two viewfinders and invite you to play another game; this time it's about spying on people. After inserting the quarter into the viewfinder, you'll find out that it's out of order. Rachel will get upset and Chloe's eager to fix it for her.
Graffiti #8: "Dead White Guy"

Turn around from the viewfinder and you'll see a statue, asking to be drew upon.
Inspect the viewfinder and talk to Rachel. She will give you a nail file which you will need to use to remove a metal dedication plate nailed to one of the benches. Turn around and head to the right, you should see the bench. You'll be able to unscrew the plate with the nail file, use it to pry open the viewfinder and retrieve the quarter.

To advance in the story you need to spy on some of the people at the park until a man shows up to talk to the woman in the white dress. Rachel will get upset for seemingly no reason and invite you to get drunk. Regardless of your response, she'll lead you to the woods where there's a couple having a picnic. They have a bottle of wine she wants to steal.

Rachel will once again show off her acting skills and pretend to faint so Chloe can steal the bottle. The couple will spot you and you'll have to Backtalk them. This one is fairly easy, but if you need help, here are the answers:


Round 1

Who's the one waiting?
Won't have to wait too long.
Sterilize the wound.

Round 2

Watch out for rabies.
Here's some medicine.
Watch her die?

Round 3

It's contagious.
Good samaritans.
Unlock your potential. (Unlocked if you overheard the couple talking before fixing the viewfinder)
Encouraging platitude.


After the scene, things will have gotten a bit intense between the two of them. You can speak to Rachel again and choose to call her out. There will be a huge spoiler below, you've been warned.
MAJOR SPOILER(mark with your mouse)
You will have to choose between 'a real friendship' and 'something more'. Rachel will be disappointed if you choose the former. The latter will result in a deeper interaction, albeit not one you'd expect.
A sequence in which you'll have to smash some objects in the junkyard will begin. Hit the bottle, sign, mannequin, box of junk and the toolbox to continue.
Graffiti #9: "Happy Brat"

Smash the sign board and the paint box near it. Then you'll get the option to draw on it.
Chloe will eventually stumble upon a car that looks like her father's car after the accident. Smash the car a few times and another sequence will begin.

Again in a dream about her father, you'll have to inspect every item in the car: The mannequin head, the poster and the wine bottle.
Graffiti #10: "The Old Car"

Inspect the poster, after you do, you'll get an option to "move" it, then an option to draw on it. Chloe will wonder where her marker is, inspect the winer and you'll get a new option to take the marker. Then you can draw the 10th graffiti.
Chloe's father will comment on her fight with Rachel each time you inspect an item. An interesting scene will take place with Rachel showing up outside of the car and Chloe will wake up in the car at the junkyard, but now it's night time.

Overlook Nightup

You'll see Rachel standing next to a tree and she'll say she wants to tell you something, and explains why she got upset earlier at the vantage point. There are a few minor choices with no consequence during this scene. After a few more sequences, Episode 1 will come to an end.

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