Life is Strange Before the Storm

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Life is Strange Before the Storm

Episode 2

FAQ written by Zoska

Principal Wells Office

Chloe walks into the office where her future at Blackwell will be decided. Your interactions with Nathan will affect some of the dialogue, but I did not find it to be of any consequence. Regardless of your responses, you will be presented with a major choice:

  • Go Along with Rachel.
  • Take the blame.
This spoiler tells you what happens with each decision and contains the answers for backtalking Principal Wells.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
Going along with Rachel will result in Chloe being suspended for a year and Rachel being removed from the play. Taking the blame will spare Rachel the punishment, but Chloe will be expelled from Blackwell.


Round 1

Accept reality.
If it quacks.
You are unacceptable.

Round 2

I confess she can act.
You should confess.
She just wants attention.

Round 3

You don't tell me what to do.
We're not friends.
You do you.

Round 4

Sorry for making you look bad.
I regret bullying Nathan.
Shouldn't have dragged Rachel into it.

Round 5

Why not leave with a bang?
Why not tell the truth?
I'm the worst.

Parking Lotup

Graffiti #11: "Clean Lens"

As soon as you're able to move, head to your right towards a white truck. There are stage lights on you that you can tag.

You can find Eliot in the middle of parking lot and have some minor interactions with him. With not much else to do in the parking lot and eager to get Chloe into even more trouble, head towards Joyce and David. After a bit of back and forth between Chloe and David, you will be prompted with a major choice.
  • Comply.
  • Refuse.
Many of your previous choices will have an impact on this scene, read the spoilers if you're curious.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
If you refuse to empty your pockets, David will accuse you of being guilty and Joyce will be disappointed. If you bought weed from Frank and you comply, they'll find it and Joyce will be disappointed. If you stole money from the t-shirt vendor, they'll find it and Joyce will be disappointed. If you didn't make any of the previous choices, Joyce will apologise.
Whatever you choose to do, Chloe will be upset and walk away.

Junkyard 2up

Back at the Junkyard once again, Chloe will walk around with a bat until she stumbles upon a rusted truck. She decides she wants to fix it. You're gonna have to find a battery. You will see a school bus to your right, go over there and walk past it until you find a white pickup truck. Try to open the hood, then pull the latch inside the truck to open the hood and remove the battery. Before using the battery on the truck, walk past it a little to the right until you see a boat.

Graffiti #12: "Hood with a View"

Try to climb the boat and watch Chloe blame cigarettes for her lack of agility. You will now be able to move a pallet left of the boat and climb over it. Once onboard the boat, look to your left and draw on that red hood.

Take the battery back to the truck. After the scenes, inspect the rusted floorboard, torn seat and the broken bulb, and leave the car. You'll have to explore the Junkyard to fix the truck. To repair the seat, you have two options that you can choose from: a beach towel that you can find hanging near the battery, or a pirate flag that is hanging off the front of the boat. To repair the floorboard, you have three options: a putting green that you can find near some yellow boxes and small cement boxes outside, a welcome mat that is located behind a brown car, or a simple rug that can be found at the base of some brown stairs near a small wheel. Finally, to replace the missing light, you have three options: the lightbulb inside the toy robot that you can find near the boat, the lightbulb in the terrarium, and a lightbulb from the Christmas lights. Once you have all the necessary items, go back to the truck and redecorate it Chloe-style.

NOTE: There's a bonus item 'Singing man bobblehead' inside a shoebox near Chloe's dad's car

You will get a call from Frank, he sounds agitated and seems like Chloe might be in trouble. Chloe will agree to meet him in the Junkyard and will then take a smoke break.

Graffiti #13: "Driver's Seat"

You can write a message behind you. Choose the 'frightening' option for a more ominous scene afterwards.

Interact with the cigarettes on the dashboard to start a sequence.

Dream - Truckup

Chloe will wake up to her graffiti slightly modified and the whole forest on fire. She'll walk towards her dad who's roasting marshmallows. Grab the stick once you sit down and grab a marshmallow from the bag to her left. A rather ominous conversation with her father and a spetacular ending scene will take place.

Junkyard Laterup

Rachel will wake up Chloe and ask if you'll invite her in. She'll go in regardless of what you choose to say. Once inside a little therapy session will happen. You'll get to choose what to talk about with Rachel and whether or not to say everything. When it gets to Rachel she'll change the subject. They will talk for a bit until Rachel realises it's time for the show and ask if you can hang out later. Rachel will leave you her bag which you use to get a change of clothes.

Graffiti #14: "Sweet Hideout"

Look to your right, there's a suspiciously clean wall which you can draw on.

Once you've drawn the 12th graffiti, you can interact with a few items and decorate the place, i.e hang the tapestry and the dartboard.

You'll get a text from Frank. Go meet him at his RV.

Frank's RVup

You'll see the woman that was with Rachel's father coming out of the RV. Once inside Frank will ask you to bring him his notebook. Go all the way to the back of the RV and open the door that leads to the bedroom. A puppy will come out of it (you may remember this dog from the sequel). The notebook will be on the bed. Grab it and take it to Frank, but before you do...

Graffiti #15: "Shopping List"

To the right of the kitchen sink, you'll find a grocery list you can draw on.

Inspect the computer and look through Frank's search history to unlock an additional dialogue for an upcoming backtalk

Talk to Frank and after judging his name choice for the dog, Chloe will mention the woman coming out of his RV. You can use Backtalk to demand an answer from Frank-


Round 1

You made no promises.
I won't sell you out.
Give me some credit.

Round 2

Build our relationship.
It's about the drugs.
Sharing is constructive.
Dream Cloud. (Available if you searched through Frank's search history)

Round 3

Hang myself out of boredom.
Just hangin' out.
So sensitive.

Round 4

What I imagine will be worse.
Listen to your sixth sense.
You've already crossed.

NOTE: This Backtalk challenge has no effect on the story other than Frank telling Chloe the woman's name.


Once the challenge is over, you will be tasked with collecting money from Drew North; Frank will consider Chloe's debt paid if she hadn't paid him the previous episode, and will pay her 10% of the money she gets from Drew. Frank will then leave you outside the dorms. Now this is an interesting stage in the game. There are a few things you can do here:

Talking to Steph for a minor consequence when she asks about your relationship with Rachel.
Talking to Samuel for a really deep conversation.
Talking to Evan
Getting the #16 and #17 graffiti.

Graffiti #16: "Patched Path"

Right in front of you there's a wet concrete path covered with yellow ribbons. Step on the wet concrete and you'll get the option for your next graffiti.

Steph is the closest person to you right now, you can go talk to her.

Try and open the dorm's door. It's locked and you have to find a way in. Go right to the janitor's room (Samuel) all the way to the leftmost side of the building. Near the door, on Samuel's left side you can see his keys. Inspect them and Chloe will say "If only those keys were unsupervised... What's Samuel working on, the sprinklers?" This is a hint for what you have to do next. You can also inspect the white door and she will comment about it missing something. She's clearly talking about good ol' street art.

Go where Evan is and inspect the sprinklers. There's a big totem in the back, facing that direction, scare the bird a few times until it flies on top of the totem. Once Evan's out of the way, you can smash the sprinklers to distract Samuel and grab the keys.

Graffiti #17: "Closet Door"

In the janitor's room, look at the white door inside and you'll get your 17th graffiti

Once you have the keys, try and get inside the dorms. Skip, the security guard will surprise you while trying to get in. Yet another Backtalk challenge begins here. This one is mandatory since Skip won't let you in otherwise.


Round 1

Women's business.
Dirty business.

Round 2

Not cool, Skip-
You're going to lose your job.
Your job is creepy.

Round 3

Is Wells pressuring you?
Wells doesn't respect you.
So sick of this.

Round 4 I need to get by.
Friend? Hah.
I thought we were friends, too.

Round 5

You just looked at my tits!
Look the other way.
I don't even know.
After making poor Skip uncomfortable, he will get a report of an "unknown vehicle in the parking lot" and leave. You can now go inside the dorms.

Boy's Dormitoriesup

Graffiti #18: Message Board

Go to Eliot's room (105) interact with all items and when you leave, you'll be able to draw on the whiteboard outside of his room.
Down the first hall make a left, Drew's dorm is all the way at the end on the left. You'll get the option of knocking or opening the door. It doesn't matter which one you choose since Drew won't be there. As soon as you enter, there's a trunk on the right, next to the bed. You'll notice it has a 4 number lock. Look around the dorm, try the numbers on the poster and the note about his father. Neither of those codes will work and Chloe will text Steph asking for Drew's birthday. You can skip this by just entering the code "1227".

As you're about to leave the room, Mikey will come inside and ask you what you're doing. You'll get interrupted by Drew before saying anything. He'll tell Mikey to grab his stuff. There's someone at the door that seems to be looking for Drew. It's Damon, trying to collect the money from Drew. You will have to make a major choice here:
  • Give Damon the money.
  • Stay with Mikey.
MAJOR SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
Giving the money to Damon will result in Damon hitting Mikey and breaking his arm. Mikey will end up in the hospital and Frank will tell Chloe she did the right thing. Drew will be mad at Chloe for not doing what he asked. Staying with Mikey will result in Damon breaking Drew's knees. Drew will end up in the hospital. You'll be able to either keep the money or give it to Drew.

Campus - Backstageup

Once backstage, you'll see Mr. Keaton and an unsupervised light board. A little bit further is Samantha, eavesdropping on Nathan and his father. You'll quickly realise how big of a douche Nathan's father is. Once the conversation is over, you'll get the chance to call him out or say nothing. Talk to Samantha after the incident for a minor choice. She will ask for advice about Nathan. This choice affects Nathan's performance in the play. The positive effect happens if you encourage Samantha to support Nathan. For more info about Nathan's performance, read the spoilers.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
If you defended Nathan in Episode 1 and tell Samantha to support him, he will nail all the lines. If not, he will get catcalled and run in shame.
Head into the dressing room to continue with the story.

Graffiti #19: "Cruel Reflector"

Look to your right, there's a mirror where you'll be able to draw with lipstick.
This scene can play out in a few different ways, depending on whether you took the blame or let Rachel take the blame. Read the spoilers for more info.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)

If you took the blame

You'll see Victoria spiking Rachel's tea. You'll get the chance to distract Victoria, letting you switch the cups or confront her when she comes back.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)

If you let Rachel take the blame

You'll get the chance to engage in a Backtalk challenge with Victoria to try and convince her to give up the role in the play.


Round 1

Lost your mind.
Greek Chorus.
Tis lost and shit.

Round 2

Quit now.
Theater of war.
Theater in the round.

Round 3

Drama queen.
Dramatic irony.

Round 4

Best-kept secret.
Best talents.
Once in the dressing room you'll be left with a note with your lines, which you have to memorise. Luckily for those of you who don't want to memorise all of this, I will have them written down for you in the next box.

Chloe's Lines

Walk to the yellow x near her and then speak to her.

I boarded the King's ship.
Hell is empty.
Walk to the shipwreck and stand on the yellow x at the top of it.
In Troops.
More toil.
Liberty or Equality.
But thou hast promised.

Rachel and Chloe will go off-script here, it's up to you how you'd like to improvise. Regardless of what you choose, Mr. Keaton and Juliet will applaud your performance.


Chloe and Rachel are having a walk, still excited after the show. Rachel compliments Chloe's performance and it's just in an overall good mood. Eventually she will bring up running away with Chloe and you'll have a minor choice to make about where to go.

With Rachel still in her best mood, Chloe will ask her to stop if she doesn't mean what she's saying. Rachel will ask Chloe what will it take for her to believe her and a major choice will come up.
  • A kiss.
  • Your bracelet.
  • A tattoo.
There are obviously consequences to this decision, read the spoiler for more info.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
If you choose a kiss: here's where a lot of your minor and major choices will take place. The intensity of the kiss will vary (I don't know exactly how). Choosing the bracelet will unveil a story about it and Rachel will give you the bracelet. This will also impact the ending, but this is a major spoiler you don't need to know, yet. If you choose the tattoo, Chloe will draw a star with her marker on Rachel's wrist and will say that she'll only take it seriously if Rachel gets a real tattoo.

Amber Houseup

Rachel and Chloe will try to sneak in upstairs, but will bump into Rachel's father. He will call for Rachel's mother. They will both congratulate Rachel for her performance on the tempest and ask Chloe to join them for dinner. Eventually, she'll agree to it and Rachel will tell her they just need to make it through dinner and she'll ask Chloe to be less Chloe-ish.

Go talk to Mrs. Amber and she'll ask you to help her set up the table. There's a newspaper clipping on the fridge where you'll be to draw a graffiti on once you're done helping Mrs. Amber. Eventually she'll ask you to ask Mr. Amber what he'd like to drink. When you go talk to him, inspect the laptop to unlock a dialogue.

Graffiti #20: "The Hypocrisy Times"

Talk to Rachel's mother and when she's distracted, look at the newspapers clipping on the fridge, for the last graffiti on episode 2.
When you're done helping Mrs. Amber, the dinner scene will begin.

Mrs. Amber will make some small talk. Eventually, the topic of the fire will come up. Chloe will be a bit passive aggressive against Mr. Amber, he'll say how important family is, clearly annoying Rachel and you'll have the chance to engage in a Backtalk challenge to make him confess about the woman in the white dress.


Round 1

Grateful dead end.
No thanks.
Gratitude? How Privileged.

Round 2

Good question... not.
Military responsibility?
Responsible like my dad?

Round 3

Shed some light.
There's always darkness.
Wake up.

Round 4

Incognito attacks? (Unlocked by going through James' search history)
No cover-up here.
One percent.
You can't hide.

Round 5

Unwomanly attitude?
Nonviolent protest.
Micro-aggressive attitude.
Regardless of what you choose, Rachel will snap and confront her father and he will unveil a secret.

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