Life is Strange Before the Storm

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Life is Strange Before the Storm

Episode 3

FAQ written by Zoska

Amber House - Episode 3

Rachel's father will tell the story about Sera, Rachel's birth mother. After a sequence of memories, reviving James' past, you will gain control of Chloe again.

Talk to Rose and ask her how you can help. She'll ask you to get a broom from the breezeway. After retrieving the broom, inspect the breezeway again and you'll get a shirt. Chloe will ask Rose if she can take it and you'll get a new clothing option.

NOTE: You have to ask if she needs help before engaging in a conversation with her, otherwise you'll lose the chance to get the shirt.

Head upstairs to go into Rachel's room.

You'll Rachel laying on bed. Chloe will want to cheer her up. Inspect the night light on the nightstand next to her bed. Chloe will say it needs more light. Left of Rachel's desk there's a red med kit, open it and you'll find a flashlight, but before talking to Rachel...

Graffiti #21

On her desk, there's a study planner you can sign.

Graffiti #22

Hanging on the wall by her bed, there's a map you can draw on.

You will have the option to turn on the improved star lights when close to Rachel. Do that and Chloe will lay in bed with Rachel. They will have a very existentialist conversation. Eventually, Rachel will mention wanting to see Sera. Chloe decides to help her.

Dream - Stageup

Yet another dream with Chloe's dad. This time on stage and an extra touch of darkness. Your responses won't affect the story in any way.

Price House - Upstairsup

Chloe will climb up through the window into her room. She'll see her whole room is a mess. She assumes it was David going through her stuff.

Graffiti #23

Next to Chlo's desk, there's a shelf with a photograph of Chloe and the whole class. You can draw on it.

Feel free to look through every item in the room. There's a minor choice here: you can "water" the plant that is wilting with a soda.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
The plant will die either way, but at least you tried, right?
Leave Chloe's room and head for the bathroom. You'll need to find her towel. It's in a tub at the bottom of the shelf near the toiler. She'll find an old hair dye Max was gonna use on her. After the shower Chloe will look a lot more familiar for those who played the first game. You'll have the chance to change your clothes now.

NOTE: If you choose the shirt you got from Rachel's mother, Rachel will comment on it, later.

Chloe will mention she needs her dad's tools from the garage. Stop by Joyce's room.

Graffiti #24

There's a sports car calendar behind the bedroom's door which you can draw on.

Feel free to look through the items in Joyce's room. Once you're done with the room, head downstairs.

Price House - Downstairsup

Chloe will sit on the stairs for a little while, watching Joyce and David having a good time. When she tries to leave, David will hear her. It seems Joyce convinced David to be less... David, with her. Eventually, you'll be prompted with a major choice.

  • Accept David's offer.
  • Reject David's offer.
MAJOR SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
If you accept David's offer, the family will hug after David proposes to Joyce at the end of Episode 3. If you reject the picture, instead of hugging, you will see Chloe giving the middle finger to David and Joyce after David's proposal.
Chloe will grab the tools from the garage before heading to the Junkyard.

Junkyard - Fixing the truckup

Turn on the yellow radio to your right for the ultimate mechanic effect and listen to an interview with Skip and a song by Pisshead. Now that that's out of the way, check the fuel filter and remove it. Click on it again and she will blow into it and make a splatter on the head, then she'll put it back in.

Graffiti #25

Inspect the splatter and Chloe will draw on top of it.

Click on "check". Grab the screwdriver and use it on the distributor cap. Next, inspect the battery post and use the pliers on it. Use the wrench to tighten the serpentine belt. Check the intake tub and she'll choose to leave it as it is.
PROTIP: You can "turn that shit up" when Pisshead is playing. Finally, reattach the distributor cap and you're done with the truck.

A scene will begin; apparently, Chloe's a hella good driver. Eventually, you'll bump into Frank. Chloe will mention he's early and ask why. Shortly after that, Damon will show up from behind.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
If you still have the money you stole from Drew, you will get the chance to give it to Damon or keep it. If you do keep it, you can choose to give it to Drew later on.


Well... that just happened. Rachel's father will show up and ask Chloe what happened. She'll promise Chloe to let her know when Rachel wakes up and leave. Steph will come say hi to Chloe and tell you the Norths room is down the hall. Now you'll get the chance to explore the hospital and find some more graffiti spots, 3 of them, to be precise.

Graffiti #26

Right next to you, there's an out of order vending machine. Slam it 3 times and you'll get the option to draw on it.

Graffiti #27

To your right, near the exit. It's a yellow poster.

A bit further from the vending machine there's a donation box, if you still have Drew's money, you'll get the choice to donate it.

Talk to Anthony North on the way. Ask him 'how are things?'. A few minor choices will come up here. You can choose not to visit the Norths, but I suggest you do, to get the graffiti and a bit more of fun. Now things here will play out differently depending on who's hospitalised.

Graffiti #28

You'll get this graffiti by signing on the cast of whoever's in the hospital bed.

If Mikey's the one who got hurt by Damon, you'll get a chance to play tabletop with him again. If you're interested in winning the game, check out the next box. You can ignore it if Drew's the one who got hurt.

Eventually, you'll have to make a choice between convincing Mikey to cast a spell that will kill Chloe's character and save Elamon, or 'Die valiantly together', if you choose the former, a new Backtalk challenge will begin.

Prevent Elamon's Death

Round 1

Spinning Slash.
Do your duty.
Elamon is mighty.

Round 2

You've never died.
Never back down.
I believe in you.

Round 3

I can be replaced.
Great help I am.
You help everyone!

Round 4

You can't kill yourself
Kill them, too!
Don't be afraid.
As soon as you leave the room, you'll get a text from Rachel's father saying Rachel's waking up. Head to her room, you can talk to Rose on the way. At the end of the hall, there's a semi-open door. You can overhear a conversation between Mr. Prescott and a doctor talking about his son's condition.

Once in Rachel's room, she will ask you to find Sera for her. She'll give you the code to her dad's office. On your way out you'll bump into Eliot. He'll ask a lot of question, but nothing of consequence.

Amber House - Officeup

First you should inspect the Best Dad Award trophy on the bookcase to your left. Do this twice, you'll find a key to unlock one of his desk drawers.

Graffiti #29

On the desk, open left drawer and you'll get the option for this graffiti.

Examine the computer to read an email from Sera to James. Open the drawer to the right and you'll find a phone, with some texts from Damon. Chloe will reply and Damon will ask you to show him pictures of the evidence he asked James to get rid of. Open one of the drawers from the filing cabinet and you'll see some evidence in it. Take a picture of the gloves, Damon will ask you to destroy it. Go the waste basket next to the desk and burn the gloves.

Damon will now demand to know who the snitch is. You can investigate the file reports spread out throughout the office and when you're ready, go to the hanging board and you'll be able to accuse one of these guys.
SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
Damon will go after whoever you accuse.
Damon will now want to see some money. Walk towards the bookcases and you'll see an option that reads 'sawdust'. Inspect it once and Chloe will wonder if it has anything to do with Damon's stash. You can now investigate there. Chloe will move the books aside and reach behind. She'll pull some money from there and take a picture for Damon. He'll send back a picture of Sera tied up to a chair at the mill.

You'll hear Eliot calling out for Chloe. He followed her from the hospital and it seems he's concerned about her, in a slightly creepy way might I add. Eventually you'll get the option to engage in a Backtalk challenge or try to walk past him. The latter won't work: Eliot will push Chloe and you'll have no choice, but to Backtalk.


Round 1

Here at the Amber house?
This exact location?
The DA lives here.

Round 2

You're keeping me here.
My life is at risk.
I feel threatened.

Round 3

I need help.
Help me, please!
Not you.

Round 4

I wish I could leave.
Hurry up.
Attempting to move on.

Burned Forestup

Chloe will stop here after avoiding being hit by a truck. She'll have a short conversation with her father and move on.

Old Mill - Meeting with Damonup

You'll see Frank's RV with a blood splatter on the wall. She'll go inside the mill to find it burned to the ground. Look to your right and move the sheet metal, keep walking and you'll find a knife you can grab.

Graffiti #30

Your last graffiti! Which is not really a graffiti? Anywho, go to where the sheet metal was and now with the knife on you, Chloe will destroy the graffiti.

Keep walking and you'll overhear Damon and Sera. Eventually, Chloe will step in and confront Damon. Frank will show up before Damon leaves Chloe unconscious. She'll wake up to Sera and have a little chat with her. If you have Rachel's bracelet, a minor choice will come up.
ENDING SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
If you give Sera the bracelet, Rachel will get to meet her in the ending scene.

Hospital - Rachel's Roomup

You'll arrive to Rachel and her parents asleep. Rachel will wake up and ask her parents to leave them alone for a minute and you'll have to make your last major choice. If you insist on knowing what happens, I'd suggest you go with your gut before reading this one final spoiler.
ENDING SPOILER (mark with your mouse)
These choices will play out exactly has Sera predicted. If you tell Rachel the truth, in the ending you'll see her being upset with her father. You'll see Rose and James as he smashes the family portrait on the floor. Protecting her from the truth will show Rachel happy with their parents. You'll see everyone having dinner, and Chloe feeling clearly upset.
And that's it for the gameplay, I'll let you enjoy the ending and see the consequences to your actions by yourself. Thanks for reading this guide, we hope you enjoyed it!

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