Life is Strange Before the Storm

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Life is Strange Before the Storm


FAQ written by Zoska

Game Basics

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is an episodic graphic adventure game where your actions have consequences that impact the development of the story. Similar to its predecessor, 'Life is Strange' this game features a character with a unique ability that can change the outcome of certain situations. Unlike its predecessor, there is no time travel, but Chloe Price, the protagonist can use her ability Backtalk to get herself out of trouble (or get herself into more trouble). Choices will impact the story in different levels. When presented upon major choices, time will "stop" and you will have two different choices to make. Note that sometimes these choices will just have immediate consequences that won't affect anything else.

The Journal

Chloe will record almost everything you interact with in the game. From objects you inspected, to graffiti, text messages, her unsent letters to Max, her thoughts on the game's events, items and more. You will be familiar with the concept if you've played Life is Strange before. You can use the journal to remind you of your graffiti and items.

Collector's Mode

This mode will allow you to go back to specific points in the same. What you do there will have no effect on your save, except for collectibles, i.e graffiti and items you interacted with will get added to the journal.

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