Life is Strange Before the Storm

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Life is Strange Before the Storm

Graffiti Locations

FAQ written by Zoska

This section is here to make it easier for those aren't interested in the walkthrough and need to get specific information.

Graffiti Locations

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3

Episode 1up

Old Mill - Exterior

Graffiti #1: "Lame Ride"

Go around the back of the van and draw your first graffiti.

Old Mill - Interior

Graffiti #2: "Something Sharp"

To the left of the stage's entrance, you'll find a saw blade hanging on the wall that you can draw on.

Price House - Upstairs

Graffiti #3: "Lost Unicorn"

Near the door, to the left, there's a unicorn poster which you can rip off and draw on the wall.

Price House - Downstairs

Graffiti #4: "David's Shit"

After you take out the socket wrench, you'll have the chance to draw on the toolbox.

School Campus

Graffiti #5: "Prison Wall"

Head to the left side of the campus until you reach the swimming pool doors and on the wall to the right, you can draw once again.

School Drama Lab

Graffiti #6: "Drama Nerds"

Follow Rachel to the dressing room. You'll see a poster of the play and you'll get the option to draw a graffiti on Nathan or Rachel


Graffiti #7: "Moving Canvas"

Go behind the place where you grabbed the crate from and you'll see some writings where you can leave your sign on.


Graffiti #8: "Dead White Guy"

Turn around from the viewfinder and you'll see a statue, asking to be drew upon.


Graffiti #9: "Happy Brat"

Smash the sign board and the paint box near it. Then you'll get the option to draw on it.


Graffiti #10: "The Old Car"

Inspect the poster, after you do, you'll get an option to "move" it, then an option to draw on it. Chloe will wonder where her marker is, inspect the winer and you'll get a new option to take the marker. Then you can draw the 10th graffiti.

Episode 2up

Parking Lot

Graffiti #11: "Clean Lens"

As soon as you're able to move, head to your right towards a white truck. There are stage lights on you that you can tag.


Graffiti #12: "Hood with a View"

Try to climb the boat and watch Chloe blame cigarettes for her lack of agility. You will now be able to move a pallet left of the boat and climb over it. Once onboard the boat, look to your left and draw on that red hood.

Junkyard - Inside the truck

Graffiti #13: "Driver's Seat"

You can write a message behind you. Choose the 'frightening' option for a more ominous scene afterwards.

Junkyard - Later

Graffiti #14: "Sweet Hideout"

Look to your right, there's a suspiciously clean wall which you can draw on.

Frank's RV

Graffiti #15: "Shopping List"

To the right of the kitchen sink, you'll find a grocery list you can draw on.


Graffiti #16: "Patched Path"

Right in front of you there's a wet concrete path covered with yellow ribbons. Step on the wet concrete and you'll get the option for your next graffiti.

Dormitories - After taking Samuel's keys

Graffiti #17: "Closet Door"

In the janitor's room, look at the white door inside and you'll get your 17th graffiti

Boy's Dormitories

Graffiti #18: Message Board

Go to Eliot's room (105) interact with all items and when you leave, you'll be able to draw on the whiteboard outside of his room.

Campus -- Backstage

Graffiti #19: "Cruel Reflector"

Look to your right, there's a mirror where you'll be able to draw with lipstick.

Amber House

Graffiti #20: The Hypocrisy Times

Talk to Rachel's mother and when she's distracted, look at the newspapers clipping on the fridge, for the last graffiti on episode 2.

Episode 3up

Amber House - Episode 3

Graffiti #21

On Rachel's desk, there's a study planner you can sign.
Graffiti #22

Hanging on the wall by Rachel's bed, there's a map you can draw on.

Price House - Upstairs

Graffiti #23

Next to Chloe's desk, there's a shelf with a photograph of Chloe and the whole class. You can draw on it.
Graffiti #24

There's a sports car calendar behind Joyce's bedroom's door which you can draw on.

Junkyard - Fixing the Truck

Graffiti #25

Inspect the splatter after inspecting the fuel filter and Chloe will draw on top of it.


Graffiti #26

Right next to you, there's an out of order vending machine. Slam it 3 times and you'll get the option to draw on it.
Graffiti #27

To your right, near the exit. It's a yellow poster.

Hospital - The North's Room

Graffiti #28

You'll get this graffiti by signing on the cast of whoever's in the hospital bed.

Amber House - Office

Graffiti #29

On the desk, open the left drawer and you'll get the option for this graffiti.

Old Mill - Meeting with Damon

Graffiti #30

Your last graffiti! Which is not really a graffiti? Anywho, go to where the sheet metal was and now with the knife on you, Chloe will destroy the graffiti.

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